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155 Tamalpais Rd.
Above Cordenices park in the beautiful Berkeley hills
 Sun.only! May 20
Sat. & Sun 26 & 27
Saturday 11-9 Sunday 11-6
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Aloha Love Tribe

After recieving so many of your emails about which dates would work, I've chosen these 3 days. This weekend Sunday ONLY (Himilayan Fair this weekend!) and next weekend both Sat and Sun. Sorry not to get back to you individually, I appreciated all of your appreciations!
Don't think you need to get here the first day, as I will be getting new merchandise in between the 2 weekends. I will have Cutloose (and assorted surprises) in the second weekend only.

 It is a blessing to be able to share this gorgeous paradise I've called home at many different times over the last 35 years. There is the most beautiful flower garden and yard, a magical redwood forest with a waterfall, a pond and a gorgeous home with expansive Bay and forest canyon views. There is also now a private native plant nursery (in what was once tennis courts) created by Diana and her partner Laura which you can read more about below. Diana is the archytypical Goddess of the  woods and this Diana is the current incarnation in these woods where she was born and raised in this forest home her grandparents built.
Mary Green Lingerie We have been sent a approx.2000 pieces of silk lingerie at the best prices ever. Undies ... boy shorts,bikini's, thongs, men's silk boxers and and underwear (long and short)5 for the price of 1! Camisoles 4 for the price of 1! PJ's, robes, dresses, slips, feather trimmed robes and shirts in silk mesh knit, sleep masks, gift bags ....
Citron New spring summer blouses, shirts, jackets. Plus, a rack of 50+ dresses at the very low price of $20 and assorted separates on $10 rack!Citron BlouseCitron Tissue Linen pintuck blouse reg. $128 our $59
Johnny Was, Biya, Love and Liberty
Beautiful tissue weight cotton blouses, shirts, dresses in white and in Black. Embroidered T-shirts, shirts and blouses in cotton and chiffon and a few jackets and coats as well.
Mystq pants back by request...
Comfy and flattering knit pant with hand painted designs.
CUTLOOSE will be available memorial weekend

Native IrisNative Iris
The Watershed Nursery
The Watershed Nursery

This nursery specializes in California native plants and habitat restoration. It's mission is ...

To provide exceptional native plant diversity for re-vegetation projects throughout the San Francisco Bay/Delta Watershed and help fulfill the needs of habitat enhancement projects from the scale of home gardens to wildland restoration projects

There will be brochures available to take and as you cruise the nursery there are cards you can read about for each individual plant. To purchase you can return during regular times .... see website ...
The Watershed Nursery

Gift Items
Linea Carta  (click here... weblink
Diva's Delightful card
My daugther Diva ... the essence of beauty ... infusing everthing she does from preparing/presenting food, poetry, music, dance and art ... has created a line of cards and notebooks ... de-light-full!
You can see her work on her website, order online or pick some up in Paradise (we will have a selection). When she mails them... she is a master packager ... so they are really fun to recieve. She has an Alphabet of cards, this one is of my "grandpug" Diva's delight.

Health Items
I've been keeping skin cancer on my face from causing any serious damage for years... have had it burned off occasionally. Then I saw a friend of mine here in Maui with a pretty bad case all over and thought I would like to find a solution. "Ask and ye shall receive" ... Barbara gave me this product to try and it disappeared in a couple of days. I have since given it to some friends with more extreme cases of cancer to try. My homeopath friend here in Hana says she's been having remarkable results with her patients.
Either Barbara will be here or I can give you her # and show you the product.
Kangen Water
Another friend Lily is swearing by water created by a water filter that she will be bringing in to share. I wanted to try it and thought it would  be fun for us all to try this heathy water. You can check it out at The Water Secret

Pot Luck?
As usual we will have some light snacks and drinks. If you feel like bringing something to share with our lovetribe, I'm sure it would be appreciated!

Parking directions
Please park on the street, Tamalpais or Shasta or for the more adventurous .... park on Euclid and walk up through Cordineces Park. There are stairs from the park that lead up to Tamalpais right next door to the house.
 Directions go up Cedar past Shattuck into the hills, turn left on Euclid, right on Hawthorne Terrace, left on LeRoy which by bearing to the left turns into Tamalpais. Where the road turns into a hairpin turn, it is right there,155 ... down a long circular driveway.
Looking forward to meeting and seeing many of you here.  xoxo Devi
PS Wavy asked me to bring all my friends (so that would be you!) to his fun(d) raising birthday party tomorrow night
Sing Out For Seva Sing Out For Seva