Amore JacketI've been on a walkabout since Outback closed. I first went to Sayulia Mexico with Robert and his family for a reUnion and fun in the sun.
Then off to my home in San Miguel De Allende. Had  a wonderful time there with old friends and new. So many great characters live and pass through there. Since my home is on the market, it is available for last minute rentals at 1/2 off to our lovetribe.
Then to LA meeting up with Robert and staying with fun friends to go to The Natural Product Show *** seeing the lastest and greatest in new "health products" *** including clothing and bedding with Bamboo and soy fabrics. Found new friends to buy some great "off price" bedding for us all! And had a great time catching up with friends in that community.
Alexis & Devi
Alexis & Devi in Marina Del Rey
Jan's Pear tree flowering Jan's pear tree flowering
Then to the Bay area, staying with friends from Montara to Sonoma.
Lot's of interesting characters here too! There's the 2 ton pig my friend and new biz partner takes care of with his 130 goats, 2 horses, a dog, parrots, and many stray cats in Sonoma. Then there is the homey anti-yuppie shacks on the multi million dollar property also in Sonoma with another friend. Hanging in the Fundo with a sweet love with dreadlocks 11 ft long (now there's a commitment)! and my magician, musician, shaman Bro, Martyn, in Nicasio. Staying in Fairfax with Karen LA Puma, looking at astrology and Tarot and taking walks to the labyrinth she built, which some rangers took apart and the community is rebuilding. Then there is the beautiful home and magic garden with this beautiful flowering pear tree, by the ocean in Montara, with Jan. See how fun being "homeless" can be!
Katrine's Big 50 Katrine's big 50!
While being well taken care of in my Berkeley home base with Yael, I hiked every day with Diva and celebrated her birthday (and my birthing day!), adventured with Shaye and had a great time at Katrine's party with my family/friends. Katrine has been a wonderful friend/family for 29 years!
I also spent time putting together a very dynamic team of successful veterans of the clothing, business and community world. Then back to L.A. for a Textile Trade Show with biz babe Dana.  While there, Lily from Mary Green Lingerie called to say she had saved us up some goodies *** which then led me to go by (buy) Citron and Johnny Was *** to pick up some new clothing to go along with the lingerie for us all to wear this summer. Which I have been wearing and sharing with friends here in Hana where I am now. I will be returning soon and will have a sale event somewhere in the Bay Area. I would like to have it for Mothers day, so we'll see how it unfolds. I will let you know!
Robert kisses DeviCollecting flowers for new clothing lineRobert kisses Devi This picture of Robert, was taken under a rainbow under an entryway which reads, This is not here The other picture is me (wearing new Citron top) collecting flowers (and a fig leaf) for new clothing line color inspiration. And yes, I am now in my home with Robert in Heavenly Hana, Yeah!
While here I have been putting my business plan together. I've surrendered to the fact that I'm not retiring from the business, design and clothing world. So I'm putting together the most exciting company yet *** while taking beautiful walks in my Bamboo forest Temple and strolling, picking fruits and gardening in my jungle paradise home. Designing seeds of paradise to plant into a larger world. For those that are envious of my life *** and I've heard there are those of you out there *** please join me! Although paradise is reflected in the many places I call home *** it originates in a state of mind which I have been diligently cultivating my entire life.

When we are following/living paradise *** it continues to multiply. When fear thoughts arise *** they are pebbles along the path which can brushed aside *** by focusing on where you are going ... on where your joy abides.
I've attracted a new book which is useful to assist in this. Although the teaching is not new *** the words are some of the best to date ***  well not as good as The Prophet in their beauty *** but useful in a mind training manual way. It's called, "The Law of Attraction". Of course Joseph Campbell said it in a simple way years ago *** Follow you bliss! Let's keep attracting paradise into our lives (or begin on the path!). It's an easy job, but someone's got to do it!
                                            Amore Jacket