Holiday Dove
The winds of change have blown in ....

The sand painting of this Temple Shop is beginning to drift ...

It has been a wonderful year in our current Temple home. And it is now time to close. I will know by the end of January, when we will be leaving the current space, what is next.

Nameste, Hola, Aloha, HeavenHigh Love Tribe ...

Thank-you for all your love, support and appreciation. Don't be disappointed ... the next appointment will be even more fun!

In the meantime ...

Everything in the store is 20% for you,

Mention you are a LoveTribe member at the register. It will be 15% off to the public (love tribe).

And please visit my daughter Shaye and all the wonderful small women owned shops and delicious Cafe Clem at the Active Space (#102) on 7th St. & Carelton. Shaye's hours are 11:30-5:30 Wed.-Sun

xoxo Devi

phone: 510-595-1203