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For those that want to hear what I've been up to go to the end of email, for those that want to know what new merchandise is in read on. All you CUTLOOSE FANS, we just received a hundred pieces including some boiled wool jackets, which many of you have been asking for.

We also received a large shipment of premium wool (the softest merino, cashmere, angora) socks, tights, leg warmers and footless tights.

OUR LOVETRIBE SPECIAL THIS TIME IS 20% OFF THESE YUMMY SOCKS, TIGHTS, LEGWARMERS AND FOOTLESS TIGHTS! These are great gifts (to yourself and “otherselves”) you must say the magic word LOVETRIBE in order to receive this 20% off. This offer is good for 2 weeks.

More wool * Yak wool * beautiful scarves, shawls and blanket throws. I love sleeping under soft wool, regulates our body temperature. They come in many wonderful colors.

Comfortable, practical and beautiful sweater like tops and long jacket shawls and cardigans - in rich textured colors. I love the depth of fall colors!

The jewelry department is growing. Lisa Finklestien on her return from India, brought in many unusual necklaces made with semi-precious stones which are selling for only $18! And necklaces she made that come in great little printed cotton Indian drawstring bags for only $25 And of course the incredible jewelry creations from Silvia Babajac on the other end of the spectrum... using semi and precious stones, hand hammered copper and silver, pearls, garnets, rubies, emeralds, etc.

Gorgeous jeweltone blouses and dresses in crinkle silk by Vui Vui.

Our jean "bar" is growing and will continue to over the next couple of weeks.

And our gift selection is growing as well. Cards, stationary, oracle decks, books. Antique crystal and glassware, tea sets and dinnerware sets. An adventure in shopping.


Georgina talking to Eric, telling him to come Outback last night to take photos with us!

Cutloose large wale corduroy Jacket. $49 (reg $112)

Yak wool scarf & cap $22 each

CUTLOOSE Bemberg knit pant $48 (reg $98)

Johnny Was

O.K. Eric's in the house ... now you can see how great these shirts look on men as well. Georgina and Eric have been hanging for quite a few years... they're one of those couples you love to love.

Johnny Was shirts $118 (reg $239-$289) Hats $22 CUTLOOSE Bemberg knit pant (classic & comfy!) $48 reg $98

A horny couple

Georgina and Eric locking horns (Centurion Kiss!) Rubber horns $33

Georgina wearing a CUTLOOSE shirt - great texture! $39 (reg $78) and a poncho shawl $36

Eric has one of the Yak blankets wrapped around him. You can see the different solid colors available in the stripes. $59!

Coats in the house

Tashi wearing CUTLOOSE boiled Wool Jacket $59 (reg. ($119)

Shelly wearing "vegan leather" jacket $105

Frog Woman wearing our favorite French coat (water resistant, machine washable)$222

Been hanging out with my SVN/Bioneers comrades. A juicy group! The SVN (Social Venture Network) conference that I just went to in Tuscan had a theme this time of "A just Economy". I had some buttons made up, created by a sweet loving "tribe" to give out at their their fabulous installation at Burningman, checkout www.YOUniversaltrust.org. The button which you can see above, instead of "In God We Trust", it says "In You We Trust". As Gandhi says, Be the change you want to see in the world. It is now time to Be the God you want to see in the world ... and see the God in all. Yes, when it comes to $$ it is radical, yet as the saying goes ... put your $ where your mouth is. I made some extra buttons for you all ... come pick one up.

xoxo, Devi

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