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2010 Was a Very Good Year for Making Aliyah
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Firefighting Squadron to Cost $200M
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2010 Was a Very Good Year for Making Aliyah



According to the The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), over 19,000 new olim (immigrants) arrived in Israel in 2010, an increase of 16 percent rise over the previous year.

Some 16,465 immigrants arrived in Israel in 2009 and 15,452 in 2008.


The number of people making aliyah from North America increased by more than six percent over last year's numbers, growing from 3,767 to 3,980.


Latin American aliyah rose 19 percent - from 1,200 in 2009 to 1,470 this year, including a 280 percent increase in aliyah from Venezuela - from 38 olim in 2009 to 150 in 2010.

Other notable aliyah figures include 260 olim from Australia and New Zealand, and increase of 48 percent from 175 in 2009, and a 63 percent increase in new olim from Belgium - from 152 in 2009 to 250 in 2010.


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Firefighting Squadron to Cost $200M

Israel will buy six firefighting planes from Canada for a total price of about $200 million. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Canadian defense minister Peter Gordon MacKay on Monday and worked out the details of the purchase. MacKay is visiting Israel.

The squadron will be named the Elad Squadron, in honor of 16 year old fire brigade volunteer Elad Riven, who was the youngest victim of the Carmel fire tragedy.

At the memorial ceremony for Riven, Netanyahu told his grieving family: "We salute you and the wondrous son you raised. One cannot always say about a boy who was taken after 16 years that he leaves us a legacy, but we can say it in the case of Elad - a legacy of infinite devotion to nation and state, a legacy of purity of heart and of clear, simple heroism."   

"Elad went to the heavens as a hero, and from the heavens, the pilots of the Elad Squadron will fly in order to save lives as Elad did," he added.





Ilan and Sipo, a couple of self-described techno geeks, as well as seasoned musicians, have created an Internet first - they've recorded a song using sounds available exclusively from iPhone and iPad apps. Their cover version of the song "Blanket" by Urban Species utilizes 24 instruments and sounds from 17 iPhone and iPad apps, including such intriguing names like iShred, Thereminator and Thumb- Jam.

"The goal was to make a song of studio quality using the apps, the kind that could be played on the radio or in a club" said Ilan Dorot, the Ilan of the duo along with Sipo (Sivan) Porat. And according to a 30- second sample video that they released on YouTube last week attests, the snappy futuristic dance production certainly achieves its aims "I got my first iPhone about a year ago and started playing with the apps and really loved it," said the 35- year-old Dorot, who until six months ago had worked for over a decade in the hi-tech industry.


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So once again the Advocate is here to set things straight. By now you must have heard of the supposed boycott of AHAVA products by The Bay. We've rallied together in outrage and disgust, many of us answering the BUYcott call, trying to convince The Bay to not give into the pressures of the BDS movement. However, we were wrong. Yes... that was a tough sentence for me to write. Apparently removal of AHAVA products by The Bay because of political reasons was never even considered. We are sorry for sounding the alarm and accusing The Bay of being anti-Israel. Below is an important message from HBC's President and CEO, Bonnie Brooks that you should all read:


"The brand in question, Ahava, has been discontinued globally by the brand owner, not by The Bay. One of our largest shareholders of the Hudson's Bay Trading Company is one of North America's most significant Israel supporters, and our Governor along with our Chief Beauty Merchant responsible for this product range, are both Jewish. We do not discontinue products due to pressure from any source other than our own decision based on either sales performance or product quality.  We are very concerned that we have received hundreds of emails and negative customer reaction inside our stores, all due to the spreading of incorrect information, which has upset our many customers, employees, their families and the fashion industry who are supportive of Israel. We would appreciate the parties involved in the protest, being set straight as soon as possible."