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          April 2011

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Soul-Stirring Fiction

I love donuts.  I know it's a terrible obsession, and I really try to keep World's Best Donutsmy donut consumption to reasonable, acceptable, once-or-twice a month moments.

But see, it's not easy because, as you can see, in my town is the World's Best Donuts.

No lie.

The addiction started when I was a child, when my parents began to frequent this small town on the north shore of Minnesota for vacation every summer. I fell in love, not just with the donuts, but the lakeshore, the woods...and eventually a cute trail guide.  We married...and after serving in Russia as missionaries for ten years, moved back to this quaint little town to raise our family. 

You may have met this town, renamed in my books as Deep Haven.  It'sMFH where Joe met Mona (Happily Ever After) and Noah met Anne (Tying the Knot).  It's where Dan and Ellie's romance sparked (The Perfect Match) we're returning to Deep Haven for three more books in the collection. The first, My Foolish Heart features two delicious romances. (Purchase a copy today for 25% off at the link above and at CBD and Barnes & Noble.)

Issy...the radio host and Caleb...the football coach. 

Seb the other football coach...and Lucy...

The donut girl. 

It's a story about small town life, second chances, the perfect (or not!) romance, and what can happen in a charming village located on the shore of Lake Superior. More than that, it's story of what happens when you let God break you free of fear, heal you and sweeten your life with love.  I hope you'll enjoy this return to Deep Haven as much as I did writing it. 

And, if you ever get up to the North Shore of Minnesota...join me for a donut. 

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Thanks for reading!
Susie May


P.S. If you zip on over to my website you'll see a sneak preview of my new website! The official launch date is May 1st! AND be on the watch out for the JUNE newsletter - BIG news and a fun My Foolish Heart Giveaway.  

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