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Super Bowl Sunday

Anatomy of a Championship Game

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Writers! Don't miss the Masters Seminar with Susan and Chip MacGregor

Writing Best Selling Fiction!

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February 26-27, 2010
Atlanta, GA

Do you want to finally create that romance, suspense, mystery, or thriller that will gain a readership and get noticed? What's going to make it stand out in an already-crowded bookstore?

Susan May Warren can help! In this two-day workshop, Susan and literary agent Chip MacGregor will explain the basic elements of a bestselling novel, show you how to create great characters, and get you going on plotting a story that will be both memorable and meaningful. We'll make the whole process understandable, and you'll leave having take a major step forward in your novel writing.

If you're at a place in your writing where you want to know the secrets to moving forward with a good, commercial novel, plan to join us.

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The Frasier Writing Contest!

Fraiser Writing Contest

We, at My Book Therapy, believe in the power of feedback to help writers grow in their writing craft! And one of the best ways to get unbiased feedback is to enter a contest. Agents and editors agree that writing contests are the perfect way to: 1. Get feedback from professionals on your manuscript and 2. Start a buzz for your work among the gatekeepers.

However, it's not enough, sometimes, just to get a contest entry do you take the feedback and go to the next level? Our vision is to help authors become PUBLISHED authors.....

Which is why we've designed the "Frasier" writing contest
for unpublished member of the My Book Therapy Voices...with a grand prize that is more than a certificate or a's a TICKET. Or rather, a SCHOLARSHIP to one of the My Book Therapy's intimate yet intensive writing retreats. A $500 value.


I don't know about your life, but as my teenagers get older, I see less and less of them.  I use to think this might be a good thing - back when they followed me into the bathroom, when they'd bang on the bedroom door, "We're done with our nap!" My son Peter liked to climb onto the back of the sofa and lay in wait for me, leaping onto my back as I walked into the room (no wonder I had a weekly chiropractor appointment).  It seemed my children were velcroed to me. 
Not anymore.  

Let's see, when was the last time we were all home for dinner together.  Well, let's not count David, who is away at college, or we'd have to go all the way back to New Year's Eve.  

Superbowl Sunday.  Yes, we managed to pack out the sofa for four hours of togetherness.  And perhaps the night before, when I made everyone go swing dancing.  But other than these events our lives sort of resemble a fast food restaurant, people showing up in the kitchen at odd hours of the day, making themselves some food to go, and dashing off to basketball practice, theater rehearsal, weight lifting, their shift at work, dance class, dates, slumber parties, and church meetings.  

My goal is just to emerge from my office when they happen to pass through the kitchen, maybe catch them for a quick kiss and, "just tell me when you'll be home so I'll know when to start worrying."  I've thought of attaching bells around their necks.  

Connecting in a meaningful way with my teenagers isn't easy these days -  occasionally, I resort to fumbling through their piles of dirty clothes in the dark, sitting on the edge of their beds, and saying, "Hey, wake up.  Tell me how your day was."  But I make the effort because it matters.  

Sometimes I think God is that way with me.  I am rushing all the time through life, and suddenly he shows up with a sunset, or a song, or a sweet moment with my family, or even a kind word from a reader and says - Hey, wake up!  Tell me how your day was!

Oops.  I meant to check in, God, before I went to bed.  Really.  But the truth is, sometimes I'm so busy studying scripture, or apply it to my novels, or speaking about what God is doing in my life that I forget to just sit down and enjoy Him.  Chat it out. Be in that relationship. Connect.

I love reading Oswald Chambers.  In his September 7th entry, he writes:  "Stay at the Source, closely guarding your faith in Jesus Christ and your relationship to Him, and there will be a steady flow into the lives of other with no dryness or deadness whatsoever."

The verse for that day is:  John 4:14, "The water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life."

I don't want God to have to chase me down in the middle of the night and wake me up to spend time with Him.  (Although I'm glad He does!)  I want to stay at the Source...and drink until I thirst no more.  

I pray that during these dark cold months, you are staying at the Source, and letting Him fill you up - so you can flow out to others.  

Thank you to all who are reading Double Trouble and Sons of Thunder!  I know - two very different books, but both journeys of my heart. I hope God speaks His truth to you through them.  Thank you for letters of encouragement - they are sweet water to me.

Blessings on the journey!

Susan May Warren

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The Double Trouble Contest!

DT Contest PJ is back!

Her continuing adventures hit the shelf! See what people are saying here!

Announcing the Double Trouble Contest   

Double Trouble, my brand new PJ Sugar novel, is in stores now! To celebrate the release, we're running a HUMDINGER of a contest!!   One Grand Prize winner will receive a $150 SUPER SLEUTH prize package that includes:

    * A brand new iPod Shuffle (perfect for those all-night stakeouts)
    * A $10 iTunes gift card (we recommend the ALIAS soundtrack)
    * A $10 Amazon gift card (why yes, they do sell spy pens)
    * A $10 Starbucks gift card (for fuel, obviously)
    * A pair of designer sunglasses (be stealthy AND super chic)
    * A gorgeous scarf from World Market (can also be used as a blindfold, and/or for tying up bad guys)
    * AND signed copies of both Nothing But Trouble & Double Trouble. (romance! danger! intrigue! sooo much better than Surveillance for Dummies!)

Enter via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail and fill out our entry form. Then tell 5 or more friends about the contest.  Super easy & quick!  Oh, and enter soon - the contest ends Feb 20th!  We'll announce our super sleuth winner on March 1st.

Available NOW! 
Sons of Thunder, my new romantic suspense novel with Summerside is available now in Wal-Marts and book stores across the country!
  Sons of Thunder
Sofia Frangos is torn between the love of two men and the promise that binds them all together. Markos Stavros loves Sophie from afar while battling his thirst for vengeance and his hunger for honor. Dino, his quiet and intelligent brother, simply wants to forget the horror that drove them from their Greek island home to start a new life in America. One of these sons of thunder offers a future she longs for, the otherthe past she lost. From the sultry Chicago jazz clubs of the roaring twenties to the World War II battlefields of Europe to a final showdown in a Greek island village, theyll discover betrayal, sacrifice and finally redemption. Most of all, when Sofia is forced to make her choice, shell learn that God honors the promises made by the Sons of Thunder. Book 1 in the Brothers in Arms series.

Check out the website here!

Read an Excerpt!

Voices Ezine!

We're cheerleaders at My Book Therapy - especially in our online club, Voices -- helping each other on the journey to publication.  I love writing, and I love to teach writing - but most of all, I love hanging out with my author friends.  I started MBT as a way to encourage other writers and possibly find encouragement myself.  And that's why I was thrilled with my friend Lisa came to me and agreed to help me launch a writer's magazine!  We call it VOICES for Voices - the magazine for the My Book Therapy Voices by the MBT Voice!  It's exactly my vision - to provide opportunities, information and encouragement for new writers to write and see their publishing hopes come to fruition.

Click over to the Ezine - I encourage you to read Voices "cover to cover," to share the articles that encourage you, to join the My Book Therapy Voices for more community on your journey.  We have lots going on - from forums to chats even a customizable page where you can feature your writing.  And if you're looking for critique or craft partners, making friends at MBT is a great way to find like minded folks.

No more writing in dark, cold night.  Let us hear your voice!

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Are you a writer?  Or want to be?  Get a daily dose of "how to write" and discover the writer in you -! 
Susan May Warren
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