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Pearl Girls!
Reserve a spot in one of our upcoming retreats and get a free copy of From the Inside Out!

inside out

I'd like to share about a special project that I was asked to be a part of earlier this year - The Pearl Girls. Like the oyster, we go about our everyday lives until the unexpected happens. Yet God's grace covers our pain and transforms it into a beautiful pearl. Pearl Girls™ is a book of real life stories from women contributors (Debbie Macomber, Shaunti Feldhahn, Tricia Goyer, Robin Jones Gunn, Melody Carlson, and many more) about how God used something difficult in their lives to work good.

This book was compiled Margaret McSweeney.  She founded Pearl Girls a few years back to help fund the work of two charities that help women and children here in the states and in African villiages.

She's donating 100% of the royalties from book sales to WINGS and HANDS OF HOPE. More about that here.

 Read an excerpt of my essay. Buy a copy of the book here (and one for all your friends too) and post your own story here!

PJ's back ... and it's Double Trouble!


With one solved case under her belt, PJ Sugar is ready to dive into her career as a private investigator. Or at least a PI's assistant until she can prove herself to Jeremy Kane, her new boss. Suddenly PJ's seeing crime everywhere. But is it just in her head, or can she trust her instincts? When she takes on her first official case-house-sitting for a witness in protective custody-Jeremy assures her there's no danger involved. But it soon becomes clear that there is someone after the witness . . . and now they're after PJ, too.
Pre-order your copy here!

Sons of Thunder, book 1 in the Brothers in Arms series


Sophie Frangos is torn between the love of two men and the promise that binds them all together. Markos Stavros loves Sophie from afar while battling his thirst for vengeance and his hunger for honor. Dino, his quiet and intelligent brother, simply wants to forget the horror that drove them from their Greek island home to start a new life in America. One of these sons of thunder offers a future she longs for, the otherthe past she lost. From the sultry Chicago jazz clubs of the roaring twenties to the World War II battlefields of Europe to a final showdown in a Greek island village, theyll discover betrayal, sacrifice and finally redemption. Most of all, when Sophie is forced to make her choice, shell learn that God honors the promises made by the Sons of Thunder.

Pre-order your copy here!

Caramel Dreams!
Sometimes, being an author is just! Like...when I get to hang out with readers, especially readers who like, well, to shop.  And laugh. And watch fun movies. And will dream with me about stories.  

I got to do that in early November when a book club from Buffalo MN invited me to hang out with them for a day - a fun day that included shopping! And home décor advice.


And these AMAZING bars.  

In lieu of a note this month, I'm passing on this recipe (recipe courtesy of the Bar Queen! (roller derby name!)). Hope you can taste the love!

Mix the following:
1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 cup oatmeal
1 1/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp salt
1 1/4 cup melted butter
Mix and press 3/4 of mixture into 9 x 13 pan. Bake this for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove from oven until caramel mixture is ready.

1 bag individually wrapped kraft caramels. (the unwrapping is a pain, but worth it! Good job for the kids!)
3 tablespoons milk or cream
3 tablespoons butter
Microwave 50 seconds at a time until melted and smooth.  (Some people just use a jar of caramel sauce, but I have never done that!)

Pour melted caramel mixture over baked mixture. Sprinkle with 6 oz bag of chocolate chips. Drop balance of crumb mixture evenly over the top.

Bake another 12 - 14 minutes at 350 degrees.


Have a happy Thanksgiving, all! I'm thankful for you!

Susan May Warren

Don't miss ...
Christmas Outreach Tea on December 5th!

Tea Join me for a little pre-Christmas festivities on Facebook! In the tradition of The Great Christmas Bowl I'm hosting an Outreach Christmas Tea on Facebook December 5th! I'll be sharing some of my favorite holiday recipes, Christmas tunes, and chatting with you about your plans for Christmas.

As always, there will be prizes and a sneak peak at my two new books Sons of Thunder and the latest PJ Sugar novel, Double Trouble. And of course outreach! (check out what one TGCB reader was inspired to do! How cool! You can get involved to.)

If you've been following along at The Great Christmas Bowl website - you know about the contest we've been runningfor the last few months. People have been sharing their favorite recipes and memories and we'll be turning that into a downloadable cookbook that will be available to purchase during the party for $5! (It's not too late to submit your own favorite memories & recipes, go here to do so!) 100% of the money raised will be going to the Cook County (my community) Food Shelf, and The Grand Marais Salvation Army Service Unit's "Merry Christmas for all" Outreach Program. It's a local program for our community of 1300 that helped 55 families last year "multiply the joy of Christmas" by providing food and gifts to the financially challenged.

The cook book will be available all month long - so tell your friends to swing by and purchase a copy and help spread the joy of the season! Hope to see you at the party! Oh, and help us spread the word by inserting this button on your blog or website!  To be entered - just email Amyand let her know you posted the button!

(just copy the code & insert into your website/blog sidebar)
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Christmas Outreach Tea with Susan May Warren on December 5th" title="Christmas Outreach Tea with Susan May Warren on December 5th" width="125" height="240" /></a>

More about the book here!
Listen to an interview here!
See what people are saying here!

Happy Gift Idea! 
Give the gift of Bookstores, Coffee and Romance!  Happily Ever After

Small town life, a woman with a dream, a drifter with a secret...Happily Ever After, my first book, will always have a special place in my heart...

But it's taking up space in my closet, and I need it for my NEW book - Sons of Thunder (more on that later!) about a Happy Gift Idea for someone you love this season?  I'm selling Happily Ever After for 25% off the cover price - a slick $10! (plus tax and $2 media mail shipping).  You can get it personalized and sent directly to the person you love in a gifty envelope!

Give the gift of a delicious book this season
Click here to find out more!

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  susan and the v. tales

Inwhich this photo has nothing to do with anything ... except it makes me laugh.

Enjoy time with your own (crazy) family this Thanksgiving!
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