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The Choices You Make Today!


It's clean and purge week at the Warren household.  We do it every year, right after school lets out - go through all our books and clothes and toys and CD's, knick knacks and papers and shoes, we clean the shelves, vacuum under things, move furniture, and give away everything.  It's cleansing and when it's DONE, we all get ice cream.  (I'm into bribery).  But, it usually takes a few days, during whichbrooms the true character of my children emerges.  My neat son takes his list and starts a day EARLY, usually done long before the others.  My daughter begins with negotiation - if I clean my closet, do I have to clean my desk drawers?  My youngest son takes out everything, dumps it into the middle of his room, sits at the edge of the pile and stares forlornly out the window.  For hours. 
"Why, Mom, don't you have to clean YOUR room?"  My oldest son asks, as he drags up his bag of garbage (I discovered two support checks from last years mission's trip, and the third remote phone we'd been missing for five months in his pile). 
"Ah," I say, seeing a moment for sage wisdom.  "Because I clean my room ONCE A WEEK. I don't have piles of garbage." (Although there MIGHT be some out of date clothes). 
He rolls his eyes. 
Now, clearly, is the time for my new mantra. I heard it during the 5th grade graduation ceremony from the principle.  I've decided to adopt it: 
The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow. 
Like, for example, should I water my flowers, or watch another episode of Army Wives? Do I fold my clothes or wad them into a ball in the corner of my drawer (obviously a question for my son).  Should I have that extra piece of pizza, or just say no?  Should I knock on my daughter's door and snuggle with her before bedtime, or read another chapter in my book? 
Or, and here's one that really shapes my world...should I spend the first few minutes of my day reading my Bible and in prayer...or watch Fox & Friends?  
Life is filled with choices.  I can clean my room a little bit every day, so I don't have to participate in the Clean and Purge, or I can wait until June - either one works, it just depends on the world I want to live in when I get there.  Just a thought as the vacuum hums in the background.
I was really moved by all the incredible letters this past month - notes about to whom you have passed my books to.  Wow.  Thank you so much for the blessing of your encouragement! I'm grateful to call you friends, and determined to write today books that you can share with your friends tomorrow. *grin* 
I'm really excited about my newest book - Get Cozy, Josey - hitting the shelves in July.  Josey moves to SIBERIA with her hubby, two toddlers and NO indoor plumbing!  I pulled from my journals more than ever for this story, and more than anything, Josey learns that (let's say it all together now...)  The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow.  Pick it up to see how her choice to move to Siberia for a year just might change their lives forever! 
God bless and have a wonderful June!


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Winner of May's "Share a book" Contest is... 
Oh my! As I said above, you all blessed my socks off with last month's contest! Truly I am so humbled and honored to get to write for you all.
Stacey Dale is the winner! She will get her name immortalized forever in the pages of my new PJ Sugar novel (Yep! A new series. Look for more info. in the months to come.).
Fun! Won't your friends be so impressed? *G*
Oh and I chose five additional entries to receive a signed copy of Wiser Than Serpents...congratulations to:
Bethany G.
Marie Claire B.
Jessica P.
Karen R.
Kim V.
Send your mailing address to my assistant Amy ( and we'll get your book right out to you!
Watch out comes Stefanie! 

Finding StefanieWhile, big brother Rafe, might be up for a RITA AWARD this summer, for Taming Rafe, his little sister Stefanie is beginning an adventure all her own...
Everyone around Stefanie Noble is content, but it seems that her "happily ever after" has passed her by. Then two troubled girls and their older brother, Gideon, show up in town and clearly need help. Could they bring the fulfillment that Stefanie has been searching for?

Hollywood hotshot Lincoln Cash has made a life playing the role of an action hero, basking in the laurels of his fame, fortune, and adoring fans. But when he's diagnosed with a debilitating disease, he knows that life will soon be over. He only has a small window of time to start a new career, one that will earn him legitimate filmmaker kudos. He soon heads to Phillips, Montana, to put his plan into action. Not everyone is pleased with the movie star's arrival, especially not Stefanie Noble. She's even less enamored when he accuses Gideon of arson and tries to run him out of town.

But what Lincoln and Stefanie don't know is that neither the fire nor the other strange things that have happened around town are really accidents. Someone is out to get them . . . but who? And who is the real target?
Because I like a good theme, this month's contest is  "Find-O-Fact" to promote Finding Stephanie!
I'm going to ask you a series of questions about Nick, Rafe and Stefanie...all you have to do is find the answers to the questions and send them to me via my contest page! Once I have verified your answers are correct, you'll be entered to win a signed copy of Finding Stefanie...and a $50 dollar gift card to CBD!
Oh, and I'll also randomly select 10 more of you who submit an entry to receive a copy of Finding Stefanie!  
So dust off your magnifiying glasses...and let's go find us some answers!
1. What was the name of Nick's roping horse?
2. What is Lincoln Cash's favorite thing to eat at Lolly's?
3. What kind of tree - (hint: it's from the Bible) does Rafe take Kat out to see?
4. What is John's pen name?
5. What western treat does Piper refuse to cook at the round up?
6. What is the name of Kat's childhood "horse?"
7. What television show poster does Nick have on his bedroom wall?
8. Who is Mary?
9. What did Nick give Cole that saved his life?
10. Where did Rafe find Kat and "ride off into the sunset?"
Submit your answers here!
Taming Rafe
Wiser Than Serpents!
May wrapped up nicely with the International Justice Mission's annual fundraising gala. (go here to see if there is a benefit dinner coming up in your city!)  You might remeber that April's contest prize was a seat at my table for the benefit dinner...oh what a wondrful time we had! (Here's a pic of me, my table guests and Sara Groves)
IJM dinner 
Wiser Than Serpents is in stores NOW! 

Did you know that there are 27 million people around the globe held as slaves today - more thank 80% of them women and children, and up to 50% minors. In fact, there are MORE slaves today than were in the time of William Wilberforce.  That leaves me horrified, and it was those stats that compelled me to write a story with a human trafficking plotline.  
Wiser than Serpents is a continuation of the Mission:Russia series, a thriller about Yanna, whose sister is snatched through a Russian dating service, and disappears.  Yanna enlists the help of Delta Force Captain, David Curtiss to find and rescue her.  Readers who've read, In Sheep's Clothing and Sands of Time will recognize Yanna as the tech expert, and David as the solid Christian of the group.  (Read the 5-Rose Review here!)

Mini Book Therapy!
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One Sheets, First chapter and pitch...
You get one chance to wow them, to stir their hunger for your book, to see that sparkle in their eyes that tells you they see your story in your conference submission ready? 
We at My Book Therapy know how important that conference pitch is - we have sat at the other side of the editor and agents table, hands sweating, trying to throw the right amount of energy into our pitch. We have sold those pitches.
Now we want to help you.  From now until September, My Book Therapy is offering our summertime "Get in Shape for Conference" Mini Book Therapy fiction editing service.  
We'll help your tune up that first chapter, create a powerful one-sheet and hone your pitch so when you walk into that air-conditioned room at your writer's conference, you don't freeze on the spot.  Instead, you'll have a sizzling hot-best-seller, just waiting to be discovered. 
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Susan May Warren
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