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Listen for His voice!


Twelve years ago, on May 9th, Victory Day in Russia, I lost my holding handsfour year old daughter, Sarah, for forty-five harrowing minutes in a crowd of thousands spread over a 100-acre amusement park.  One minute, there she was, holding my hand.  I was talking to friends, and I let go.  Turned no less than thirty seconds later, and the girl had vanished. 


Sarah has always followed her own creative spirit.  She hated me combing her hair into high pigtails, or dressing her in frilly pink outfits.  From birth, she had to do things her way, ruled by a fierceness that compelled her to wrestle her big brother, snarl at her babysitters and generally live as if she were Supergirl.  (I still call her that).  Probably, that day she'd had enough of being shackled to my confining grip, and decided she'd see the world on her own terms. 


We were with a group of friends, and we scattered, searching for her.  I stayed, rooted, in case she materialized, and prayed that God would send an angel to protect her until we found her.  I'll never forget the smell of hotdogs and cotton candy in the air, the redolence of spring captured in the budding wildflowers, the tall grasses, the flow of people brushing past me, anxious to embrace summer in Siberia. (Hey - it goes fast, you gotta get it while the gettin's good!)  I stood empty in all that life, thinking, how could I have let her go?  Something deep inside me ripped opened, and I couldn't imagine life without my feisty daughter. 


I couldn't let my thoughts travel there.  I just kept praying, and searching. 


God answered my prayers.  A woman I barely knew, who had attended only one of my bible studies recognized my daughter, took her hand, and refused to let go (even when my friends and my husband found them!) until she returned Sarah to my arms.  (And hey, no one gets between a Russian woman and her quest!) 


Driving home on Friday, I recounted that story to Sarah.  To my shock, she laughed and said, "Mom, I remember that.  But I wasn't scared, because I wasn't lost.  I knew where I was. I was -- well, right there, where I was." 


I've been thinking about that weekend, the different perspectives we had.  Of course, I knew the dangers of her wandering, but she didn't.  And maybe, she has it right, too.  Because God knew where she was.  And she wasn't lost to Him.  She was -- right there. 


Do you ever feel as if you don't know where you're going?  As if your life has spiraled out of your grip?  As if you turned around, and suddenly, you find yourself in a place you never imagined?  And don't know where to step next?  


You're not lost.  "Some wandered in desert wasteland, finding no way to a city where they could settle.  They were hungry and thirsty, and their lives ebbed away.  Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.  He led them by a straight way, to a city where they could settle."  


I love Psalm 107, because regardless of my situation, I can find myself in one of the stanzas.  And at the end of each, I hear the truth. God is there.  Always there.  To show me where to go, or rescue me for my own foolishness (or feistiness!), or break chains that have kept me in darkness.  Just because I can't see the way out doesn't mean I'm lost, or without hope.  God knows where I am, and he knows where I'm going. All I have to do is look for my Savior to take my hand, and ask Him today, what steps to take.


Today, stop trying to find your own way, stand where you are, and listen for His voice. He knows the way home.


Thank you all for reading, and for the notes and words of encouragement!  I'm blessed by your kindness and I appreciate you!


In His Grace,


SMW for newsletter


May's contest is the "Share a book" Contest! 
I want to hear how you've shared a Susan May Warren book with someone!
Share with me...and I'll share with you!
The winner will get their name immortalized forever in the pages of my new PJ Sugar novel (Yep! A new series. Look for more info. in the months to come.).
Fun! Won't your friends be so impressed? *G*
So click here to go to my contest page and tell me who you've passed a SMW book to, I'll randomly select  one winner.
Oh, and let's make it even more fun! I'll choose five additional names to receive a signed copy of Wiser Than Serpents.
Taming Rafe
Wiser Than Serpents!
This book will release in just a few short weeks. It is dear to my heart and I'm excited to get it into readers' hands.
To celebrate it's release, I ran a contest last month asking this question:
And the two winning "responders" won a seat at my table for both themselves (and a guest) at the International Justice Mission's benefit dinner (featuring Sara Groves), as well as a night's stay at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Minneapolis. What fun we'll have!

Before I announce the winners, I just want to tell you all that I'm so thankful I have readers who care about our world. Making a difference begins with believing that one person, committed to justice, can impact a world, just like William Wilberforce. 
Be sure to browse around International Justice Missions's site to see what they are all about and maybe how you can get involved. I'm honored to support their work, through Wiser Than Serpents and beyond.
Out of the MANY responses I received, here are the two (winning) responses that stood out:
Stephanie Gregor: My heart goes out to the orphans. So many children without a home or food. I would build orphanages for children who have no families. It would be great to develop a whole village with multiple housing for kids where each house has a godly couple who are able to parent the kids and love on them. There would be a school, health center, a few wells situated throughout the village for water for the families and dinning area for meals and chapel where they can come to spend time with the Lord and worship. Just as we are adopted into his kingdom there would be an earthly place for kids to come and find security and love. It always grieves my heart to hear stories around the world of children without families. My heart is to give them not just a place but a home and a family. 
(Stephanie's answer stood out to me because I could just picture these little "villages" in every country across the globe. When I was in Russia I worked in Orphanages and the plight of children in need is near and dear to me. Really so much of our world can change by changing how children are reared globally. How much of the world's injustice is propagated by children who grow up without love and their basic needs met? It is something to ponder.)
Keri Norton: It is difficult to give a short pat answer to this question. With all the sin and injustice in the world it is often to easy to get bogged down and feel hopeless. If I could change something in this world for justice would be the hearts of men...that they would soften and look to Jesus as the answer to their problems.
(Keri's answer stood out to me because of it's simplicity. If the hearts of men were changed, it really would just solve everything. End of story.)
Congratulations ladies! I'm so looking forward to meeting you!

 Thank you to all who entered the was so hard choosing just two!



I had a fun month in April teaching at the South Suburban EV Free church spring brunch and the Minnesota Christian Writer's Guild spring seminar April 12th & 14th. Thank you to both for their kind hospitality! Below is a picture of my daughter Sarah, me, and my good pal Julie Morgenstern.

Spring Brunch

My next big event is ICRS in Orlando, Florida! And then, I'll be at RWA in San Francisco, and then Philadelphia teaching at the Greater Phili Writer's Conference! Oh, I'd better get this story written!

Susan May Warren
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