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Pre-Spring Greetings!

God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. ~~ 

Eric Liddell

I love this quote by Eric Liddell, champion runner (from Chariots of Fire) who went on to become a missionary to China.   I love it because he's completely aware of both his gifts, and the joy of using them for his Savior.  I couldn't agree more.  God made me a writer.  And I feel His pleasure when I write.  I know that the words He puts on the page are as much to bless me, as they are (hopefully) to bless others.  Because I love to know God's pleasure.

He also made me a teacher.  And when I work with writers who want to purse the gifts God has given them in writing, I feel God's presence, giving me wisdom, and enjoying with them their journey.  I feel the pleasure of God when they suddenly get a new idea, or a problem is solved in their manuscript. I love to teach. 

Which is why I spend a lot of time, (when I'm not writing!) travelling to writer's conference, teaching writers how to construct a story, and why I blog daily on writing craft.  Why, when I get a note from someone I've been able to encourage, telling me that they're getting published, my heart sings.  God is good to allow us to do what we love for the One we love! 

I love it that God longs to delight us with His pleasure, and that He does it by giving us gifts that he intends for us to use with joy.  David says, in Psalm 16, "You will fill me with joy in your presence."  I believe he's talking here about the future, in heaven.  But I also believe God gives us a glimpse of that joy when we rightly use the gifts He's given us.  My prayer for you this season is that you will embrace the gifts God has given you, and as you use them for His glory, you will feel His pleasure! 


If you're a writer - or want to be a writer, or are even considering being a writer, or know someone who has dreams of being a writer, send them over to I'd love to help them on their journey.  AND - I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be teaching a "How to write a Novel" seminar all day in Minneapolis, April 12th, for the Minnesota Christian Writer's Guild.  Click here for more information.

Thank you again for reading - especially everyone who's written to tell me how much they've enjoyed Rafe! I appreciate your encouragement!
 Blessings on your Muddy March!


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Taming Rafe
Rafe is mid-way through his book tour...and from all the reports...the ladies are swooning!
Here are a few highlights so far:
Trish Berg at Books for Moms
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Also, go here to sign up for the the yummy contest Susan is sponsoring for the tour! "Win a steak dinner with Rafe" (an Omaha Steaks gift certificate and a copy of Taming Rafe!) 
While you're poking around Rafe's blog check out all the fun stuff --
~watch the book trailer
~read the first chapter
~download some Rafe wallpaper and more!

What's Brewing?

The winner of last month's contest is: Sarah G.! She won her very own copy of The Sovereign's Daughter! Details here
And this month I"m CELEBRATING because all the Wal-Mart stores are carrying The Soverign's Daughter! Whoo-hoo!
So I'm having a SPOT The Sovereign's Daughter contest. It's easy to participate...just pop in to your local Wal-Mart and see if they have the book. Send me an email letting me know and I'll drop your name into the drawing to win a $25 Wal-Mart gift card!
And if you are able to snap a picture of the book on the shelf (without Wal-Mart security tackling you to the ground*) and email it to me...I'll enter your name 10 times.! Let the games begin!
The Sovereign's Daughter

What would you do if you were given a sacred quest -- by the king himself, and that quest turned out to be to save the life of the most wanted woman in all the kingdom?  Add to that, what if your religion said that you weren't to lift arms? Your only weapon being your faith in God's protection?


And what if your father told you to leave the castle, possibly forever, and placed your security in a man who looked like he just wanted to run, far and fast, away from you? 


Enter Anton Klassen and Oksana Romanova, the heiress to the Russian throne.  But in a country torn by war, will she be a casualty?  What price will she have to pay to save the family line? 


The Sovereign's Daughter written with with Susan Downs, a fellow fan of Russia, as the last of our four part series, the Heirs of Anton.  But it's really the first story, the beginning of the epic adventure, and it's been repackaged and given new life.  If you're a fan of historical adventure, and Russian history, pick up The Sovereign's Daughter, hitting the shelves sometime this month!


Read an excerpt here


Buy the book here


Read the reviews here

*(disclaimer: Susan May Warren not responsible for any bodily harm or legal problems due to contest participation!*g*)
Check out my blog...I've been featuring some GREAT books by some FAB authors!
Susan May Warren
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