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February is a cold month.  At least here in Northern Minnesota, where it got down to -30 this past week.  Our house shook with the wind, and even the dog refused to go outside.  It's a great time to stay indoors, under a blankie, writing.  But even that can get old, and I call my friends in AZ or FL and they say, (with too much glee, I think) "It's 79 degrees here!" 

Grr.  It's easy to let the cold and shadows creep into your mind, let it darken even sunny days, and convince you to stay in bed.  We all have those times, when we just can't seem to shake free of the "cold" in our lives - overwhelming health situations, or problems with our children, or financial stresses. 

I was reading in Psalm 67 this week, a short little song that Israel sings asking God to bless them.  In the middle of the verse they turn to praise, "May all the people's praise you, O God!"   The praise takes up the bulk of the passage.  Finally, the song ends with a hope, "Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God, will bless us." 

It's a great format for prayer during the cold days of February.   Yes, I can approach God, ask Him to bring "warm" into my life.  And, then, I'll turn my heart to praise.  Even in the cold, I have so so much to praise God for.  Praise is a amazing healing, warming balm.  It attunes our hearts to God and His presence.  It restores our hope as we focus on the One who is Hope.  And it allows us to end our song with confidence in the Lord's provision. 

I don't know what "cold" might be seeping into your lives today - I hope you're all warm!" - but if you find yourself wrapped in a blanket, staring at the snow, wondering if you'll ever see spring again, try getting on your knees and praising. I promise, you'll be warm in no time. 

February is also the month of LOVE - and I LOVE my newest book to hit the shelves - Taming Rafe!  Keep reading to see some "Rafe Sightings" and to hear about my upcoming Taming A Wild Heart blog tour and how to win a great prize!  Also, look for The Sovereign's Daughter (a reprint/refresh of Oksana, book 1 in the Heirs of Anton) in Wal-Mart this month! 

Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to write over the past month!  Your letters are the warm and sunny highlights of my winter!  Happy Reading! 




Josey has just returned from her whirlwind blog tour...she's been around the country and back!
Check out the tour highlights here!

josey~~~The winner of Josey's super fun contest is...Kimmy L!
She's won a copy of a Susan Warren book of her choice and a beautiful spa basket!
Here is her story...My husband and I were at a park carnival and as we were walking around, I tripped on one of the ropes holding up one of the booths.  As I was falling, I grabbed onto my husband's shorts for support and pulled them down with me!
Everyone rushed over to make sure the huge pregnant woman was okay and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die!! Of course, my husband was more concerned with the fact that I stripped him in public!
~~~And congratulations to the runner up...Crystal A!
She also won a Susan May Warren book of her choice!
Here is her story...Ok my most EMBARRASSING pregnancy story still makes my face redden when I think about it!
I was about 7 months pregnant and my hubby and I decided to sell our motorcycle to have a little extra money for when the baby came. He sold it to a friend who was a few years younger than me and hubby. We'd met at a group ride three years back and had kept in touch.
So when he got to the house we decided to walk up to Dairy Queen (a block or two away from our house) and I had a large drink and everyone ate. One our way back the guy had me laughing so hard I peed my pants! Lets just say it was so embarrassing wetting yourself in front of company. Thank goodness he was young enough to laugh it off and chock it up to pregnancy LOL! But to this day he teases me and threatens to buy me depends!!
Ha, ha! How awful...awfully funny! *g* Thank you all for sharing your embarrassing stories with me (glad it was you and not me.) Don't feel too bad...with five pregnancies, I've had my fair share of embarrassment. Oh the stories I could tell...
Read the first chapter here
Buy the book here
Taming Rafe
Now that Josey's back, Rafe is heading out for a tour of his own!
Go to Rafe's blog "Who's Rafe" for the "Taming a Wild Heart" (I guess that's me) blog tour's scheduled stops. It's off to a gung-ho start with great interview by Lena Nelson Dooley.
Let the fun begin...
Also, go here to sign up for the the "meaty" contest Susan is sponsoring for the tour! "Win a steak dinner with Rafe" (an Omaha Steaks gift certificate and a copy of Taming Rafe!) meat! :)
And the winners are...
1. The winner from last month's "I want Rafe" contest was Lyla B!*
2. The winner from the Spot Rafe and WIN Spot Rafe
contest is Julie G!
Read what she had to say...

Just wanted to say (again) how much I enjoyed reading your last books.  I've had a Susan May Warren kind of week.  Started Chill Out, Josey earlier this week and couldn't put it down (so I blame you for my lack of sleep and caffeine-overdose at work ) and finished that in less than 2 days.  Loved it.    Wonderful book, really enjoyed it too.  Loved the book-in-the-book, Lolly and John's romance, the family connections, the God walk, etc.  My bum is sore, thanks to you (and I'm sure my legs won't thank you tomorrow either!  Made the mistake of taking it with me to the gym tonight and stayed a little too long on the bike because I didn't want to do anything else because I'm not smart enough to read while walking on the treadmill without falling off!)

So, once again, thanks for the great books.   I look forward to the next one!!! (soon, really, soon, right!!!!!)

Congratulations Julie! You're TOO sweet--and don't worry you won't be waiting long for the next Noble Legacy book, Finding Stephanie will be out later this year! *g*

Julie won a $25 gift card to her book store and a copy of Taming Rafe which hit the stands last month!* 
Also, a great big THANK YOU to AMY for the above picture!
While you're poking around Rafe's blog check out all the fun stuff -- watch the book trailer, read the first chapter, download some Rafe wallpaper, and more!
**(send my assistant your mailing address and she'll get Rafe out to you!)

What's Brewing?

The Sovereign's Daughter

What would you do if you were given a sacred quest -- by the king himself, and that quest turned out to be to save the life of the most wanted woman in all the kingdom?  Add to that, what if your religion said that you weren't to lift arms? Your only weapon being your faith in God's protection?


And what if your father told you to leave the castle, possibly forever, and placed your security in a man who looked like he just wanted to run, far and fast, away from you? 


Enter Anton Klassen and Oksana Romanova, the heiress to the Russian throne.  But in a country torn by war, will she be a casualty?  What price will she have to pay to save the family line? 


The Sovereign's Daughter written with with Susan Downs, a fellow fan of Russia, as the last of our four part series, the Heirs of Anton.  But it's really the first story, the beginning of the epic adventure, and it's been repackaged and given new life.  If you're a fan of historical adventure, and Russian history, pick up The Sovereign's Daughter, hitting the shelves sometime this month!


Read an excerpt here


Buy the book here


Read the reviews here

A contest! Win your very own copy of The Sovereign's Daughter! Details here
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