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"Stuffing" by Susan
I was always the lucky one.  My pregnancies were never hard, I never required bedrest, and I never experienced anything more serious than heartburn.  I have to believe that God simply protected naieve me in Siberia from everything that could go wrong. 

            Not to say that pregnancy was easy, either, however.  I went to Russia for the first time in 1994 four months pregnant with my son Peter.  We lived in a tiny two room apartment, without ventilation, and every day that summer I sat in front of the fan, just trying to survive the Siberian heat (I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I'm serious!) I was, however, determined not to give into depression, or self-pity.  I was a tough Minnesota chick, and I would survive. 

My only indulgence was a cool bath.  However, the cold water was ice, and the hot water had been shut off for the summer.  If I wanted a bath, I had to heat the water for eight hours with an electric heating coil (which went against all my basic high school physics).

            One day, at the height of the August heat, I had spent the day heating a bath, checking it for the right temperature, anticipating how it might feel to submerge my now nine month pregnant body in water.  My two toddlers had worn me to the bone, and Andrew was out doing Bible Studies or something.  I got the kids in bed, and had ascertained that the water had reached the perfect not-too-hot, not ice cold temperature.  I unplugged the heating element, and went to my room to grab my bathrobe.  We'd only been in Russia for six months, but it had been about the longest six months of my life as I learned the language, how to shop for food, and trying to keep my children from getting dysentery.  I longed for these quiet times. 

            I returned to the bathroom just in time to see the last of my water swirl down the drain.  I had somehow pulled the plug when I removed the heating element. 

            My husband found me a half hour later, sobbing.  It was one of the only times I cried that first year in Russia. 

            Now, thirteen years later, I look at that moment, and can find the sad humor in it.  And, as I wrote that scene (or a variation of it) in my newest book, Chill Out, Josey, it brought me back to the challenges, and joys of being pregnant.  It reminded me that it was okay to feel overwhelmed.  It was okay to need quiet moments, okay to say, time out!  We don't always have to be so strong.  Sometimes, we need a good cry.  

Or, a good laugh. 

It also reminded me that God was there, with me, during my pregnancies, to remind me that in all my moments, good and bad, through the tears, and the laughter, He could sustain me.  It's a theme I put right back in the book.  A theme I hold onto today.

I hope you enjoy Chill Out, Josey!  I know I laughed, in between the tears. 

May you have a time-out moment during this busy season.  And may you know God's sustaining grace today. 

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In His Grip,



And just for fun! Here's my favorite stufing recipe!

2 loaves bread - cubed
2 sticks butter - melted
4 stalks celery - chopped fine
1 large onion - chopped fine
4 T. thyme
4 t. salt
1 t. pepper
Melt butter. Mix ingredients, and stuff bird.  Can also cook covered in seperate container -- 30 min at 350 degrees!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Taming RafeWhat's Brewing?
Taming Rafe!
In less than eight seconds, two-time world champion bull rider Rafe Noble lost his title, his career, his best friend-all on the dirt floor of a noisy rodeo arena.  Now he has no choice but to head back to the Silver Buckle, but not before he accidentally destroys  philanthropist Katherine Breckenridge's NY Charity event.  Now she's in town, wanting his money - or his help.  And the last thing this broken bull rider is going to do is give her his heart.  But Nick's little brother is going to learn just was it takes to tame the heart of a rebel.
Read the first chapter here!
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Dinner with Rafe!
aka, books and a steak dinner for two!

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Winners from October's "Chill Out Mom" Spa Basket Contest!

spa basket
Wow...thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful "mothers" with me. I had tears in my eyes. I didn't realize going into this contest how hard it would be to choose a winner. All of your mothers deserved the basket! I was so inspired by all the entries...made me think of the kind of Mother I want to be.  Thank you!

The grand prize winner of the Spa Basket is: Anna S -- (or rather, Anna's MOM!)

I really appreciated her entry because it came from a teenager.  Most of us understand the impact of our mothers when we become mothers ourselves.  Anna really blessed me with her insights  at an age when many girls choose not to talk to their mothers, let alone appreciate them.  Thank you, Anna!
Here is her entry:

From Anna S:  The mom that has (and probably will continue to) impacted my life is my mother, Susan. My mom is one of the best people I know. She will laugh with and at me (thanks, Mom), and she will listen to anything I tell her. She is always there to listen and give advice, and she's my best friend.  Another reason I love my mom because she is the best teacher. You see, I'm a homeschooled tenth grader, and my mom also homeschools my seventh grade sister. My mom deals with so much on a day in/day out basis because my sister has a learning disability called Asbergers'. It is kind of like autism, only a lot less severe. And my mom works with my sister every day. I know that my mom is the best I could ever have, and I hope I can grow up to be like her.


And the five runners-up entries (each will receive a copy of Chill Out, Josey) are:
Kris M.
Barb G.
Faith G.
Denise M.
Shauna S.
Thank you for the inspiration, ladies!


Susan May Warren
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