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From Susie's Desk--


We had our first frost today.  I woke up to cold feet against my legs. My ten year old had slipped into our bed in the wee-hours of the night, awakened by a dream.  I slapped the alarm clock one more time before groaning to roll out of bed.   He popped his blonde little head up. "Mom, I was awake long before you.  I just didn't want to go out into the cold, cold, world."


Yeah, get it line, kid. 


But isn't that sometimes the truth?  We just want to hit the buzzer again, keep from going out into the cold, cold world.  I can't believe that summer is already over, that the kids are back in school, that I have to go downstairs into the dark hole of our storage closet and drag out the winter coats.  Stop!  Time is running away from me! 


And I'm not helping matters, because as soon as the kids toddled out the door for school, I decided surely that must give me about 12 more hours in my day than the actual 6 they were gone, so what did I do--yeah, took on more projects.  Lengthened my work day.


And that's when I realized something. I'm a stress junkie.  I thrive on "too much to do."  You all know I have No-itis, but it's bad when I leap at ways to fill my time.  I actually go a little crazy when I don't have a to-do list before me. 


How do I know this?


I attempted to go on vacation this summer.  Andrew and I had a week with NO KIDS and we thought, hey, let's run away from home! So, we went to and found cheapie tickets to an island off Cancun and hit Book it, Dano!  An entire week of just laying on the beach.  Lounging about. Eating seafood. 


Oh no, not me.  I have to bring a billion writing books along. Do RESEARCH. 


It took me about two days to realize, why?  Here's a revolutionary thought--the work will be there when I get back!  Put the book down, Susie.  Enjoy the waves. 


So, for the first time in what felt like, well, I can't remember the last time. I just relaxed. 


We rented scooters and zoomed all over the island.  I went to a Discovery Dolphins place and rode a dolphin (seriously!)  I sat on the beach and listened to the waves.  (Okay, I did take a little journal and write down what they sounded, smelled and tasted like, but I'm weird - that's fun for me).    


I laughed at Andrew's stupid jokes because they were funny! 

I ate squid and other unnamed strange seafood.

I went snorkeling in the ocean and was surrounded by Nimos. 

Yep, I got a TAN.


And, I didn't want to come back. 

To the cold, cold world.


But then we heard the news...a hurricane was headed our way.   We left the day before the hurricane arrived and I realized...even paradise has its trouble.  I returned home, reawakened to the pleasures of my life.   Like this shot of the maple tree in our yard.  Amazing, huh?    I am so blessed by my career and I  love what I do, even if I have way too many irons in the fire. I love being able to dive into the Word of God, find those nuggets of truth and put them into my stories.  I love writing about characters like you and me, who struggle, and yet believe in a God of Hope.  


And escaping my world for a week made me realize that.


I have fun things happening this month - I'm teaching in Dallas at the ACFW Conference (see information below), and Tying the Knot, a repackage of one of my early books just hit the shelves.  Check out this month's Tying Contest.  Also, I'm still posting the Answers to this summer's Ask and Author Anything contest (and contest winners are posted below - thank you for playing!). 


If you're a writer, check out - a daily blog I've set up to talk about writing craft, and publishing.  I run a fiction editing service that takes a deep look at a novel, and this blog is just one way I hope to help new writers. 


On the horizon - Chill Out, Josey!  The hilarious sequel to Everything's Coming up Josey, (a 2007 Christy Award finalist!).  Check out the first chapter! Wanna know what it's like to be pregnant in Russia?  'Nuf said! 


I hope you had a great summer, were able to go on vacation, get away from your cold, cold world.  And I hope that it gave a refreshed perspective the richness in your busy life, new things to thank God for. 


Thank you for reading my books, and being such great supporters.  God bless!


In His Grace,

Susan May Warren


susie scoots



Fresh off the Press!
Reclaiming nick

I've won two AWARDS from the Romance Writer's of America's, Faith, Hope and Love Reader's choice contest:
Reclaiming Nick won for Best expect sunriseContemporary!
Expect the Sunrise won for Best Suspense/Romance!
Thanks so much to all my readers!
Tying The Knot
All former EMT Anne Lundstrom wants to do is escape the memory of being shot. Or maybe find the man who had saved her life. But the last thing she expects is to find both while serving in a wilderness camp in northern Minnesota. And when her worst nightmares find her, what will it take to fight back?
Read the first chapter here!
Find out more here!
Do you know German?
I also recieved the fun news that my first Team Hope book -- Flee the Night is on audio tape! German! (If you know any German speakers who'd like to sign up to win a free Susan May Warren book, drop me a line!)


What's Brewing?
Come see me at the ACFW Conference in Dallas!
There will be a public booksigning Saturday afternoon, September 22nd, from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. As the name implies, this event is open to conference attendees as well as anyone from the general public who is interested in meeting their favorite authors.
And -- get you're first peek at TAMING RAFE, the next cute cowboy in the Noble Legacy series!  And pick up a signed copy of Reclaiming Nick, Rafe's Big Brother!
And, don't forget! Reclaiming Nick is up for the ACFW's Book of the Year award! (Last year's winners)
Here are the nominees:


Coldwater Revival BY Nancy Jo Jenkins

Wishing on Dandelions BY Mary DeMuth

Watching the Tree Limbs BY Mary DeMuth

The Fragrance of Roses BY Nikki Arana

Promise Me Always BY Christine Lynxwiler

Reclaiming Nick BY Susan May Warren


Good Luck to Everyone...see you at the conference!

Tying the Knot
Tying Newfinding life

"Tell me your Worst Camping Fiasco!"

So...many of you heard about the time I took the wrong kid to camp, right? (if not, you can read about it HERE). So, in celebration of the re-release of Tying the Knot, a story set in a Wildnerness camp in Northern MN, I'd love to hear of your camping experiences. It can be funny, or sad, whatever you'd like to share!

The best story will go into my NEWSLETTER for publication in October! (with your permission, of course) All entrants will be eligible to win one of 5 Tying the Knots, OR,

if you already have a copy of Tying, I'll be giving away 5 free copies of Finding Life, by author James Graham, a novel that touched my heart and made me cry on a plane back from North Carolina. I promise, you'll love it.

To enter the "Worst Camping Fiasco" Contest, fill out the Contest Entry Form with your answer to the question in the contest question ANSWER box and hit submit. You will be entered in the contest and subscribed to Susan's private newsletter mailing list!

Questsion: What is your worst/scariest/funniest camping trip story?
I'll be announcing the five lucky winners in my next newsletter! So, readers, let's hear it! Thanks for playing!

*(requisite small print: Only one contest entry per household will be eligible for each drawing. When you enter the contest you are giving permission to publicly use your first name, last initial, and city/state on promotional messages about the contest if you're the winner.)

Winners from the Summer Newsletter Contest: Ask A Writer Anything!

Thank you to everyone one who sent in a question! I got TONS! I'll be responding until Christmas!

You can see the answers on my blog: Scribbles!
The winners of the contest are:
Carrie T.
Keri N.
Jonna L.
Claire T.
Jackie W.
All these questions have made me realize how fun it is to have running conversations with readers...and so...I've set up a Susan May Warren Friends and Readers yahoo group so we can chat and get to know each other, talk about books and life  and how God is at work....


Susan May Warren
Soul-Stirring Fiction