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It might surprise you to know that about three years ago, for little over a month, our family was homeless. 


            We hadn't yet closed on land we were buying, and even so, didn't have a house on said land, and we had to vacate our apartment, and we didn't have the money to rent another apartment because my husband was between jobs.  So there we were, a family of six, moving to a new town, no cash, no house.


            What we did have was popup trailer.  So, we pulled into a campground and put our pennies together and rented a spot for a week. 

            I remember laying in my sleeping bag one night, watching our canvass walls ripple under the wrath of a summer storm, praying the contraption didn't fall down around me and my sleeping children (some on the other pull out bed, one on the sofa that we turned into a table during the daytime) thinking, how did it come to this?  I thought I was better prepared. I had savings, and besides, we'd been serving the Lord as missionaries.  Didn't life come with some sort of guarantees? 

            Not the kind I was hoping for, apparently.  Because life is like that - one moment you're moving forward, the next, life hiccups and you find yourself in a place you never dreamed you'd be.  I remember feeling hollow, as if any moment I might break in half, that we might just disappear. 

            These brittle feelings of the fragility of life returned to me over the past two months as I read the replies of my "Live Happily" contest.  I was really struck by the commonality we share - many people wrote of wanting to grow old with their husbands, or get out of debt, or having children grow up to love the Lord.  There were even heart-wrenching ones about seeing loved ones who'd passed away, or wanting to right old wrongs.  Here I thought this was a sort of fun question to ask, but God used it to cause me to dive deeper, and explore the truths behind the questions, behind the answers. 

            Can I be happy when I'm homeless?  When my husband has lost his job?  When my children are sick, my body fails, when I can't pay my bills, when I'm overwhelmed?  When someone I love dies? 

And what if I get my dream come true? Why, even when things are good, do I sometimes feel unhappy? 

            Ironically (or probably, providentially), I just finished writing a book entitled "Finding Stefanie" (book 3 in my Noble Legacy series) that explores the topic of contentment, and a woman who finds herself in the middle of a life she didn't expect, or sometimes doesn't want.  The verse from Philippians 4:13 wove often through my thoughts - "I have learned the secret of being content, whatever the circumstances -- I can do everything through him that gives me strength."  It's a verse that focuses NOT on circumstances, but on the revelation of God in ALL situations in my life.  And it strikes at the heart of the contentment, the happiness problem. 

            Max Lucado writes: "Contentment is a difficult virtue.  Why?  Because there is nothing on earth that can satisfy one's deepest longing.  We long to see God. The leaves of life are rustling with the rumor that we will - and we won't be satisfied until we do."  (from: When God Whispers Your Name). 

            Ah ha!  I think I get what Paul is talking about - contentment isn't about my surroundings, it's about how God uses those surroundings to reveal Himself, through my joys and my needs. 

            Maybe then, it is possible to Live Happily.  Because in my heart, I believe God wants to be seen by us.  Wants to rescue us.

            Wants us to see our longing fulfilled.

            Thank you for sharing your struggles and dreams with me - I believe God used them to again, help me grow deeper in Him.  And I pray that as you walk through the trials and joys of your life, you see God meeting your deepest needs.



Thank you for all your letters these past couple months - I've been swamped with finishing homeschool (Yay! I've now passed 4th and 6th grades!) and a couple books.  I'm slowly getting caught up on mail, so if you've written to me in the past couple months (thank you!) hopefully you'll hear back soon! 


And, as always, thank you so much for reading my books and letting my stories into your lives.  Your support is deeply appreciated!


In His Grace,

Susan May Warren


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This Month's Happily Ever After  Contest


Thank you to all the people who let me know what their Happily Ever After dreams are. Here are three entries that caught my imagination:

Leigh N. said, "I dream of having my own zoo, and I can pet and feed the penguins anytime I like/ I would also love to fill the aquarium with every frog imagineable-- make it a huge frog-lovers attraction."
Laura E. said, "My dream is that my daughter arrives home safely after her year in Afghanistan with the Army. I dream every night of all of us meeting her at the airport carrying dozens of balloons and dozens of hugs and kisses. It is the dream of my heart and will be the happiest ever after ending in the world." Amen, Laura. We are praying for all our sons and daughters overseas, and their safe return home.
Aubry R. said, "My dream is that my kids grow up to be happy and healthy and my husband and I get to spend the rest of our lives traveling and then we will retire to a quiet, beautiful place and grow old and wrinkly together."

Thank you to all the readers who shared your dreams with me. The following readers WON a hot-off-the-presses copy of Happily Ever After:

Loree S. 
Susan A.
Cheryl B.
Dora M.
Kimberly M.

Fresh Off The Press: Rejoice with me!

I am so excited to announce that several of my books have been chosen as finalists for the upcoming awards season! It's such an incredible blessing to be able to do what I love for the One I love...and a double blessing to be recognized by readers and editors for the hard work I put into my books.  Most of all, I want to thank YOU for reading my books and sharing them with your friends and family. Without supportive readers, I wouldn't be able to keep publishing books -- thank you for your part in this incredible life of being able to experience and share God's grace through stories!

Everything's Coming Up Josey is a finalist for a Christy Award. 
"It's just a year. One year in Russia. Russia? But this Minnesota girl knows all about cold and she's ready for her big adventure serving God in Moscow. But is Moscow ready for her?"
To read the first chapter of Everything's Coming Up Josey, follow this link to my website.

Reclaiming Nick is a finalist for the Golden Quill Award and is also a 2007 Inspirational Readers' Choice Contest finalist
"What was his father thinking? Yes, Nick betrayed his family, his legacy and hasn't been home in nearly a decade, but did that mean his father had to leave the Noble Family ranch to Nick's worst enemy?"
To read the first chapter of Reclaiming Nick, follow this link to my website. 

Expect the Sunrise is a finalist for the 2007Inspirational Reader's Choice Contest
"Yeah, sure there's a terrorist on board the plane. Bush pilot Andee McLeod isn't about to believe injured and angry ex-FBI agent "Mac" McRae-especially after he accuses her of crashing her plane, on purpose!"
To read the first chapter of Expect the Sunrise follow this link to my website.

For Writers: Coffee Cup from Happily Cleaned Up 2 gbGet your Proposal in Shape!

 Conference Special!

Are you a writer, hoping to WOW an editor this year at the ACFW Annual Conference?  I'd love to help!  From now until Sept 1st, I'm offering a Fiction Editing Get in Shape Special -- for 1/2 the price of a Book Therapy session ($125!) overhaul your one-sheet, three page synopsis and first chapter.  All the benefits of a Susan May Warren Book Therapy session for half the price! I carefully crafted Susan May Warren Book Therapy to give writers thoughtful responses to their writing, to offer a custom-tailored prescription for improvement, and to provide tools for improving their writing.
Please visit the new Susan May Warren Book Therapy web page to learn all about the Book Therapy process.


Summer Newsletter Contest: Ask A Writer Anything*!

Because of my crazy schedule this summer, my next newsletter won't come out until August -- so this is a summer contest, with hopefully a let's-chat-over-lemonade type feel. I'm inviting you, my wonderful readers, to sit down in a lawn chair, share some virtual lemonade, and ask me questions that you'd like to know about this writer's life. Ask me about home schooling, balance while parenting, how characters come to life, my speaking ministry, or anything else that crosses your creative mind. I will blog the answers all summer long. Any readers who sends along a question will be entered into the Ask A Writer Anything*! contest and be eligible to win a one of five free copies of my up-for-awards-this-summer books (Nick and Expect the Sunrise) or my newly re-released book, Happily Ever After. Go to my contest page and fill out the entry form there to win!

*Anything within reason, that is...this is a family-friendly newsletter, blog, website and all!

(oh yeah, the fine print) Only one contest entry per household will be eligible for each contest drawing. By entering the contest you are giving permission to publicly list your first name and city/state on promotional announcements regarding the contest in the event that you are the winner. 

Free Read!!
I'm so thrilled that Expect the Sunrise, the story of a bush pilot and an ex-FBI agent trying to stop a terrorist attack in Alaska is up for an award!  I love this story, (mostly because I love Alaska!).  RT gave it 4.5 stars and a top pick!
BUT -- the story that got it all rolling wasn't Flee the NIght, the first in the Team Hope series, but WAITING FOR DAWN...the FREE online prequel!! Read it here!
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