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March  2007 Newsletter 
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One of the coolest things about being an author is meeting other authors!  There is something about talking to someone else who doesn't think it's weird to barricade yourself in your room for a month, who talks about characters as if they are best friends (hey, sometimes they're the only ones who seem to listen!), or fretting over whether we've killed off the wrong victim.  Authors need other authors to remind us that we're not alone in our psychosis! 


Last month, I hung out with five other authors during a four store booksigning in Minneapois and St. Paul.  We brainstormed together and shared woes, and most of all, checked out each other's books.  I came away with a pile of goodies, and among my favorite is a book that's worked its way into my soul. The title intrigued me -  "Balance that works when life doesn't."  Yeah, that sounded like something I needed - because, well, yes, you all know I tend to have too many irons in the fire, to the point of occasional fireworks!  But I dug into this book because the author  -- Susie Larson - was just so genuine in her love for Jesus.  Just listening to her talk made me feel as if I'd inhaled a fresh dose of spring.  (Oh - and yes, she's a gifted speaker).   So I decided to savor the book, reading a chapter every couple days. 


It's an amazing book, talking about physical and spiritual health.  Every chapter contained gems.  But when I got to chapter 12, "A Healthy Thought Life," something clicked.  I didn't even realize how many "negative" thoughts I was putting into my life - by my choices of television shows, or magazines, or radio stations, but suddenly I wondered just how many messages I was allowing into my life that I didn't need to hear.  You know the ones - about achievements, or appearance -- sometimes even watching HG TV made me discouraged (because no, I just can't figure out how to turn my lamp into a piece of art).  Using Philippians 4:8, Susie talks about "fixing our eyes" on Christ and how we can focus on what is pure and honorable and true.  Like listening, for example, to praise music when I'm feeling discouraged (instead of, say, watching the news).  The point is choices - what do I chose to hear, and what do I need to block out?  It seems so simple.  But in the past two weeks since I've made an effort to choose wisely, I can feel even my thoughts being refreshed.  And, well, during March, with its grey sky, and grey snow, I need some refreshing.


I hope, today, that you are hearing something pure, and true, and refreshing in your life from the Lord.  Thank you for your letters this past month, for reading Nick (and enjoying his story!), and for all your support.  I'm blessed by your encouragement!

In His Grace,

Susan May Warren

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Meet Me At The Ladies Spring Breakfast! 

Join me at the Fond du Lac Community Church's Ladies' Spring Breakfast on Saturday, March 24th at 8:30am in Duluth. I'll be speaking on how we are living letters -- living the story of grace that God has woven though our lives. Come and laugh and maybe cry and let the Lord speak His story into your life. I'd love to see you!

Fond du Lac Community Church is located at 521 131st Ave, Duluth, MN 55808. 
ontact Molly Salhberg at 218-626-3309 to sign up.

Arlene in Cozumel

Sunshine and Sheep!
This is a picture I received from a reader (thanks Arlene!) relaxing on the sands of Cozumel with In Sheep's Clothing.  Fun!  Almost as good as being there...ahhhhh. *g*  If you have any fun pictures of yourself reading SMW books, send them on, and I'll post them in an upcoming newsletter!  Thanks for reading!

Nick CD

Reclaiming Nick is an audio book too!
Now available on CD, Nick is ready to whisper his story right into your ear.
"Listen to Nick!" Contest
The folks at Oasis Audio did a right fine job of making Nick and Piper and Maggy and Cole come to life in their production of Reclaiming Nick.  In fact, I gotta say, as the author, it's downright weird, in a happy sort of way to hear your characters, the ones who used to live inside your brain talking to you!  But it might even be better than a movie, because not only do they have voices, but the story is the same, and no one can change how they look! 
It hits the stands in the middle of March (the CBD link) but for one lucky winner, I'm giving away a free copy of in this month's contest. 
To enter the "Listen to Nick!" Contest, and win a copy of Reclaiming Nick on CD, dream up an answer to the question below, go to my newletter signup page and send me the answer via the "comments" box.
 In a perfect world, without kids haranguing you for dinner, and no phone ringing off the hook, and NO errands to run, where would YOU listen to Nick? 
We'll post  some creative answers in next month's newsletter, so, cowgirls --get 'er done!  Thanks for playing! 

(oh yeah, the fine print) Only one contest entry per household will be eligible for each contest drawing. By entering the contest you are giving permission to publicly list your first name and city/state on promotional announcements regarding the contest in the event that you are the winner.

Zip Code Round Up! MANY THANKS!

The Zip Code Round Up was a blazing success. So succssful, that I wasn't able to write each reader back like I try to do. Again, thank you.

Cowboy Lasso BullAs soon as I get more technologically "with it" I will let you know when I'm near you for an event. This may take a while, so be patient. Again, thank you.


This Month's Nick Winners

Thank you to all the people who met Nick and entered my contest to win a copy of Nick's book! The following readers WON a hot-off- the-presses copy of "Reclaiming Nick"!

The following people have Nick heading their way!

Jessica P.
Joanna S.
Kathy L.
Jessica M.
Heather H.
You (or your friends!) can still sign up for a free Nick book by going to and following the "Meet Nick" contest directions -- we'll run the contest through April -- with 5 winners/month!

Only one contest entry per household will be eligible for each contest drawing. By entering the contest you are giving permission to publicly list your first name and city/state on promotional announcements regarding the contest in the event that you are the winner.

Susan May Warren
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