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Action Alert! Medi-Cal Access to ICDs in Jeopardy 

Recently, California Medicaid, known as Medi-Cal, proposed changes to move towards a value based purchasing plan.  This would allow Medi-Cal the authority to review and either eliminate or restrict coverage for therapies and technology.  One of these therapies includes the Implanted Cardio Defibrillator (ICD).

Medi Cal LogoWe need to act quickly and let California representatives know that the ICD is an essential and proven effective treatment for many patients with SADS conditions. ICD therapy has existing guidelines recognized by all the major medical groups-including the American Heart Association. California should base their program on these existing guidelines. This is especially important as the decisions made by Medi-Cal often set a precedent for other states.

The SADS Foundation needs your help to ensure all SADS patients have proper access to the life-saving ICD.  If you live in California and want to help (including writing letters of support to your local representatives or attending meetings), please let us know. We want to ensure the safety of SADS patients in the state of California.

To get involved today, contact Adrienne Butterwick or call 800-STOP-SAD. 

Alice, Laura, Sarah, Christine, Anne, Adrienne, Amy, Monica, Carol & Brandon.
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