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URGENT--Action Needed!  

Dear Advocates,

I am contacting you directly today in regards to an urgent action item.  Last week we sent an action alert to urge you to contact your members of Congress to reject the currently proposed budget that eliminates all funding for the Rural and Community Access to Emergency Devices Program (RCAEDP) amongst other vital AED programs.  We have since received information that the proposed cuts are worse than we had expected.  In reaction to this, Senators Conrad and Grassley, co-chairs of the Senate Rural Health Caucus, have written a letter (see here) asking the sub-committee to consider continued support for a number of rural health programs including the RCAEDP.


The deadline to sign this letter is Friday, May 20th!

We need you to:
    Contact your Senators to urge them to sign this letter.
    When you talk with the senators' staff member, please tell them to call Dana in Senator Conrad's office at 202-224-2043 or Rodney in Senator Grassley's office at 202-224-3744 to sign this letter.
You can obtain their contact information by visiting and entering your zip code in the top right hand corner.  I have also attached a short script (see here) for you to use when calling, but please feel free to use your own words if you prefer.

Thank you so much for your support-together we can make a difference for patients with heart conditions in this country! 




Alice, Laura, Christine, Sarah, Adrienne, Bonnie, Amy, and Brandon

The SADS Foundation


P.S. Thanks for taking action! Please let us know who you contacted by emailing or replying to this email.