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October Quick Poll: A quick medication survey.

Upcoming Events

Bob Alexander runs in the NY marathon for SADS -Nov 7, 2010 -NYC, NY

American Heart Assoc. Meeting -Nov 13-17, 2010 -Chicago, IL

Auction begins for one-of-a-kind autographed guitar -December 2010

Brittney's Trees -December 2010 -Chicago area, IL

Gaslight Holiday Extravaganza -Dec 7, 2010 -Bakersfield, CA

Medical Conference: SCA in Children and Adolescents feat. Dr. Ackerman -Jan 14-15 -Anaheim, CA

Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat -Jan 14-17 -Swanzey, NH

Annual Brian Price Memorial Jumpathon -Feb 14, 2011 -Dallas, TX

For information about any of these events, or for assistance planning your own special event, contact Laura or call 800-786-7723.
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Keeping Hearts Beating 2010: Final Quarter
Medical Awareness PosterFor the last quarter of the 2010 Keeping Hearts Beating campaign, we're focusing on the Medical Community.

This all-new poster has been designed to emphasize the need evaluate the heart as well as the head when a patient has one of the three main warning signs.

Volunteers across the country are taking this poster to their local emergency rooms, won't you join them?

SADS Holiday Ornament
Brass Holiday OrnamentJust in time for the holiday season-- SADS holiday ornaments!

They come in pewter or brass (pictured) and also double as a pendent. 

Contact Amy to place your order today.
Get Ready for National Family History Day
The US Surgeon General has declared Thanksgiving to be National Family History Day, encouraging Americans to share a meal and their family health history. Take advantage of Thanksgiving and gather information from relatives to expand your SADS medical pedigree. Over half of the 4,000 people who die each year from LQTS had at least one of the top two warning signs: a family history of sudden unexplained death in a person younger than 40, or a history of or fainting/seizures.

National Family History DayPrint the materials from the Pedigree Kit on our website and take them with you to family parties during the holidays:

---  A Getting Started form to write down the names of your relatives and answer 4 simple questions about each person

--- A short 1 page questionnaire to give each relative (or ask them the questions)

You should follow up with this by entering your family in the SADS Pedigree Project

If you would like help getting started please feel free to contact Joanne Robinson or call 800-786-7723.

Quick News
SADSConnect Feature Question
Find out how kids and teens answered our Feature Question!

"How do you manage your SADS condition at school (i.e. carry an AED, buddy system, educate staff, explain your condition to friends and students, accommodate P.E. or sports)?"

Kids Support NetworkHere are a few excerpts

"... usually my mom talks to my class but this year I am going to explain it to my class by myself!" --Ryan Age 9

"I wear a medical ID bracelet so sometimes a person will notice it and ask me about it." --Bridget Age 16

SADS Medical Education Update
Medical Education in Texas
Dr. Acerkman and Laura Wall with SADS Family, The Whites.
More than 100 healthcare providers received medical education on SADS conditions from SADS expert and Board Chair, Dr. Michael J. Ackerman of the Mayo Clinic this October in Dallas and Ft. Worth. 

Physicians from St. Paul's, Cooks Childrens, Baylor All Saints, Dallas Children's Hospital and more, attended medical education seminars covering the "State of Pre and Post Mortem Genetic Testing for Sudden Death Pre-disposing Cardiomyopathies and Channelopathies" and "Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Therapeutic Implications of Genetic Testing for Cardiac Channelopathies".  Families from the Dallas, Ft. Worth area also had the opportunity to visit personally with Dr. Ackerman (pictured above).


Alice, Laura, Joanne, Adrienne, Sarah and Amy
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