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Where's Bob? Special SADS Awareness Night with the Salt Lake Bees -SLC, UT -September 4, 2010 Register now!

5th Annual Christie's Heartoberfest -Ballston Lake, NY -September 18, 2010

13th Annual Layton Oktoberfest -Colorado Springs, CO -September 18, 2010

SADS awareness at the Draper Youth Service Day -SLC, UT -September 18, 2010  Utah Volunteers needed!

Sing it for SADS 2 -Dunmore, PA -September 25, 2010

To add to your special fund-raising event, please contact Laura or call 800-786-7723.

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So much is happening at the SADS Foundation!  Please take a minute to catch up on this month's happenings.
Update from Arizona CERT
Arizona CERT Logo The Arizona Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERT) is an independent research and education center whose mission is to improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce adverse events caused by drug interactions and drugs that prolong the QT interval. The Arizona CERT is a program of the Critical Path Institute in collaboration with The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. Arizona CERT is one of 14 national CERTs funded by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).  They recently issued an alert that, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, men taking a dietary supplement known as EnzyteŽ had a significant increase in cardiac QTc interval that persisted for five hours after a single dose.  We're very grateful for the research that Arizona CERT provides and would like to remind all our SADS patients to speak with their physician before taking any supplement. 

See the list of drugs to avoid for LQTS patients and Brugada Syndrome patients.
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
CFC LogoAre you a federal or state employee? If so, you know about the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  When making your pledge, please look for the SADS Foundation under CFC # 56112 -Children's Heart Syndromes & Death Prevention Foundation (SADS Foundation).  We appreciate your donation!
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International SADS Seminars

Preventing SCD in the YoungSADS Canada Logo2
--Nova Scotia, Canada --October 2, 2010

Heart to Heart Conference
--London, England  --October 23, 2010
Quick News

SADS Rock Star Ambassador,Stop SADS Mix Album Dave "Bucket" Coldwell's, debut album, "Guitars, Beers and Tears" released last week!  Buy the CD from the SADS store and a portion of the proceeds benefit the SADS Foundation.

  • Results from last month's potassium Quick Poll:  45% of SADS patients reported they try to eat more potassium enriched foods on their own as opposed to being prescribed to do so by their physician.
  • Calling all Moms!  Get your children involved this SADS Safe Schools season.  Contact Adrienne if you have a child interested in a fun awareness activity just for kids.
Pedigree Project: A Valuable Resource
Visit the SADS Pedigree Project and fill out a questionnaire about your experience with a SADS condition.

Family TreeYour participation in this project will:
  • Help save lives - Are all your relatives appropriately screened? Do they need help?
  • Advance research - We can alert you about studies you may be interested in participating in.
  • Allow you to learn about other patient's experiences with your disease - (click on the "explore responses" tab)
Learn about other patient's experiences with:
1.    Sports and Activities
2.    Beta Blockers
3.    ICDs
4.    Quality of Life

If you have questions about the Pedigree Project or want help getting started, contact Joanne or call 800-783-7723.

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They're perfect for a trip to the farmer's market, grocery store, library, or to carry materials to your school for SADS Safe Schools month!  

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Where's Bob? Only 5 games left!
Bob is wrapping up his 2010 quest with only five games to go!  There's still time to meet up with Bob, so check out his schedule.
  • August 30: Rangers vs. Royals
  • August 31: Phillies vs. Dogers
  • September 1: Rockies vs. Giants
  • September 3: Angels vs. A's
  • September 18: Cubs vs. Marlins --Join Bob for a tailgate party in Florida before his last game of the season. Contact Laura for more information.
Advances in Regenerative Medicine
Red Blood CellsThis year at the American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Sessions, Dr. Anthony Atala at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, presented some interesting research in the field of regenerative medicine.  Regenerative medicine dates back as early as the 1930's and the field has come a long way since then.  With the knowledge we have today, scientists are now able to take a group of cells half the size of a postage stamp and grow enough cells in 60 days to cover an entire football field!  The field has even gone so far as to growing tissues and organs.  In fact, the most complex task of growing an organ, such as the heart, can be accomplished in just about 6 hours!

Alice, Laura, Joanne, Heidi and Adrienne
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