May 2007 Vol 8, Issue 3
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Nathan Backhoe We have designed a special web page that will keep you abreast as to what is happening at Miracle Valley each month.  Through pictures you can see our progress at Miracle Valley.  In addition, we have included various sound clips that you will enjoy as well.  So just sit back, turn your speakers on, and enjoy our special presentation by clicking  the following:  Click here for MIRACLE VALLEY
Rev. Bud Yoder - Alumni of Miracle Valley Bible College
Bud & Sarah Even though Sarah was called home to glory last summer, Bud is still pressing on for God.  He recently purchased another  church building located in Hicksville, Ohio.  He plans to expand the work of God in Northwest Ohio.  You can listen to Rev. Bud Yoder speak about his experience and knowledge of Rev. A. A. Allen.  Bud worked with Brother Allen for more than ten years.  Click the link below, turn your speakers on and listen to this man of God share his experience of personal knowledge of the Rev. A. A. Allen.  Click here to hear Rev. Bud Yoder
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Special Prayer Request Regarding Miracle Valley
2008We are facing another major obstacle at Miracle Valley. God must intervene for Miracle Valley, or else Miracle Valley will in reality be no more.  Our balloon payment of One Million Dollars is due June 6 for the entire property at Miracle Valley.  This is just a few weeks from now.  We have contacted several financial institutions over the past several months, but there still is nothing positive at the moment.  In addition, we are behind on our existing monthly mortgage.  Our donations have been down for the past several months.  We literally need a MIRACLE at Miracle Valley again.  However, we know that we serve a MIRACLE WORKING GOD who has literally stood with us over the past eight years.  To get up-to-date information regarding the future of Miracle Valley as to whether it continues or is liquidated, click the following  SPECIAL MESSAGE from Dr. Harter
Childcare Center is Completed & Licensed by the State of Arizona to Operate as Such
2008After a lot of hard work and your financial donations, the Childcare Center at Miracle Valley has become a reality.  We have lots of pictures for you to view, starting with what the building looked like in the very beginning.  The photos show the progress of the remodeling through to its completion.  We are so thankful for each of you who have helped to make this project successful. Click the following link to see it all.            Click here to see the Childcare Center
Assisted Living Home
2008The Assisted Living Home is one of the most comforable settings at Miracle Valley.  All ten residents have their own private bedroom and living quarters. The new metal roof not only stops the rain from leaking into the facility, but it also adds to the beauty of the entire structure.  A new furnace was installed.  The only item lacking is the 5 ton A/C compressor that will enable the facility to be cooled during the summer months. Click the link below to see what God is doing at Miracle Valley.                                       Click here to see the Assisted Living Home
Administration Building
Don Lowery Pastor Don Lowery of Sierra Vista, Arizona donates several of his Saturdays at Miracle Valley.  Here he is using the blower to clean the porch off in front of the Administration Building.  Don also will work to make special DVDs regarding what the Lord is doing at Miracle Valle. Click the link listed below to see and hear for yourself the wonderful things that are happening in the remodeling of the Administration Building.
Click here for the Administration Building
In my prayer closet a number of years ago, God spoke to me these special words.  I will never forget them. "GO DOWN TO MIRACLE VALLEY AND BUILD MY BIBLE COLLEGE."  I really did not even know at the time where Miracle Valley was actually located.  I only knew it was somewhere in Arizona.  Sure, any preacher in the Pentecostal Church knows the name Rev. A. A. Allen and Miracle Valley.  But I was never personally acquainted with the Allen Ministry.  So for God to speak to me regarding Miracle Valley was like God speaking to a total stranger as it regards Miracle Valley.  However, I can always recognize God's voice when He speaks to me [He has spoken to me in the past] and I am a man who obeys whether it's rational or not. 

For the past eight years, Sister Harter & I have done our very best to fulfill what God called us to do.   I do not mean to boast, but Sister Harter & I have invested every dollar we had at Miracle Valley.  Of course it is one thing for me to risk our funds (even though I feel bad regarding Sister Harter because as her husband, I have taken our monies that was proposed to purchase her a home, and instead I put it all into Miracle Valley); however, there are several people who have believed in the work at Miracle Valley as well, and they too have invested a considerable amount of money. 

I have asked God to allow me to sale Miracle Valley before I should ever lose it because I do not want anyone to lose their investment at Miracle Valley.  A few people are concerned that I might have a breakdown should I lose Miracle Valley; however, they do not know me very well.  Should we ever lose Miracle Valley (and God forbid), friends, I will get into my car and go down the highway.  I will never look into my rear view mirror, nor will I ever have any regrets, because I can say that I heard the Lord's voice and I obeyed Him.  I did my very best in what God called me to do.  I know God will have something better for me. 

But I also remember that I have faced tremendous opposition and financial dilemma before in my ministry.  And I always know that God will never fail me.  He always makes me successful in what He wants me to do.  But just as God called me, He might be calling you to be a partner with me and stand with me in your financial support so that Miracle Valley can be effective in the work of God again.

Nevertheless, I have been walking with the Lord since I was but a child of 12 years old.   I have been preaching the gospel of Christ since I was 16 years old.  In those early days, I preached outside on the sidewalks.  I never quit nor gave up.  I am not of those who turn back.

Like Moses standing at the Red Sea with Pharoah's army hot on his trail, I believe God is still going to make a way for us at Miracle Valley.  I still believe God will send us the necessary funds for the complete restoration of Miracle Valley.


Dr. Melvin Harter
Miracle Valley