The M&B Weekly 25th Staff Photo with Cake
June 25, 2012 
Jane Dobisz

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Margolis & Bloom, LLP Celebrates its 25th Anniversary at Taranta
Opening for a New Executive Director at Springwell
Law School Graduates Finding Lean Job Market
Supreme Court's Ruling on Health Care
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 The "File and Suspend" Option May Allow Greater Social Security Benefits





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Margolis & Bloom, LLP Celebrates its 25th Anniversary at Taranta 

Taranta Dinner

Margolis & Bloom, LLP celebrated its 25th anniversary by taking a cooking class at Taranta, a North End restaurant with an unusual  cross of Southern Italian and Peruvian cuisine.We chose this restaurant because it is recognized for its progressive environmental impact and employment practices, and quality of its food as well as the service.

View more photos from that evening.   
Springwell Seeks New Executive Director

Springwell the Area Agency on Aging and the Aging Services Access Point ("ASAP") for many cities and towns west of Boston, is seeking a new Executive Director, to replace their long-time leader, Sue Temper. They are looking for a dynamic leader with knowledge of the evolving world of health care and the changing needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.  With an annual budget of $23 million and 135 staff members, challenges will be to surf the wave of health care reform, find the best ways to serve consumers under the changing rules, continue Springwell's record of excellence and collaborate with many stakeholders in a diverse community of caregivers.  For further information, click here

Law School Graduates Finding Lean Job Market

In last weeks Boston Business Journal25th Staff Photo with Cake
recent law graduates were 
interviewed about their struggle towards finding a job in this tough market. With a lot of student debt, graduates are finding themselves doing pro bono work on top of a side job that would help pay the bills; but this article was not all discouraging.  Nikki Marie Oliveira, an associate at Margolis & Bloom, LLP was interviewed in the BBJ exactly a year ago about her approach to job searching.  At that time, she was also in a similar situation as many of her colleagues-going to copious amounts of networking events, submitting over 100 resumes, and doing pro bono work.  However, this time around for the interview in the BBJ, she set a good example of  how her hard work and persistence has paid off.  We are very happy to have her on the Margolis & Bloom, LLP team.
The Supreme Court's Ruling on Health Care  supreme court

An answer could come today to the four key questions being raised by the Supreme Court in challenging the Affordable Care Act.  The first is based on the threshold and whether the court may decide the case now or wait until 2015, when all provisions have gone into effect. The second is whether or not requiring Americans to have insurance is constitutional. Third is the question of the law's expansion of Medicaid, adding 17 million more people and lastly the court will weigh in on if any part of the law is unconstitutional and if it can be separated out or if the entire law has to be invalidated.
For further information and to stay up to date on the Court's ruling, click

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