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February 13, 2012
Jane Dobisz
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Touching Article About Elder Mediation
Learn About ARICA
When Do You Notify The Social Security Administration?
Office Space...Great Location

Secretary Hartstein Speaks at M&B on the Future of  Long-Term Care in Massachusetts   



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Read Touching Article about Elder Mediation at

New York Times Magazine writer, Robin Marantz Henig, describes the story of older children of a much older mother coming together in a mediation session about whether to get a reverse mortgage on their mother's house in order to pay for her care at home and avoid nursing home placement.

Unfortunately, the mediation session that started a rapprochement between the siblings may have been too little, too late, with the older brother passing away soon afterwards.  The article quotes our friend, Blair Trippe, at Elder Decisions.

Click here to read the article.
Learn About ARICA

At our upcoming March Lunch for Professionals, Amy Weinstock, weinstockDirector of the the Autism Insurance Resource Center will explain the rights of insurance beneficiaries under the Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Autism (ARICA), which took effect in Massachusetts on January 1, 2011. There are many questions relating to the implementation of the law, for instance, to whom, ARICA applies, what treatments are covered and how to access coverage. Ms. Weinstock will  provide vital information for self-advocates, family members, providers, employers and educators on issues related to medical insurance for autism treatment.

To register, either click here, send an e-mail to, or call us at 617/267-9700 and leave a message. Registration is required.



When Do You Need to Let the Social Security Administration ssaKnow About Changes in Your Life?    


There are some times when an SSI or SSDI beneficiary is responsible for notifying the government of a change in his or her life. Missing a required notification could result in a loss of benefits.


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copley square
Office Space Available

One corner office available in Copley Square, opposite Trinity Church.  Ideal for solo practitioners.  Utilities, conference rooms, fax and T-1 line included.


For more information, call Eugenia Andrade at 617/267-9700.


(617) 267-9700



M&B Eco Tip

Compliments of Magdalena Lorenzo  


How often should your shower loofahs be replaced?  Every 3 weeks or every 30 days.  Shower loofahs, sponges, poufs are breeding grounds for bacteriaIf you're concerned about the cost of buying a new loofah so often, consider opting for a wash cloth that can be washed regularly and may be a little more eco-friendly as most loofahseco tip are made of plastic.


Lab results found that the pouf contained two different organisms: acinetobacter, which can cause wound infections, boils and conjunctivitis; and yeast, the most common form of which is Candida. Dr. Rokhsar explains that Candida can cause rashes around the mouth called perleche, as well as other various rashes and infections.