May 2012

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Maximizing Egg Production From Your Chickens
purina poultry feed
The laying cycle of a chicken flock usually covers a span of twelve months. Egg production begins when the birds reach about 20-24 weeks of age, depending on breed and season. Flock production reaches a peak of about 90% 6-8 weeks later. Egg production then gradually decreases after 12 months of lay. Egg production can be affected by such factors as feed, ...
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How Do I Remove A Tick From My Dog?

Removal of ticks is not a fun job, but is something most dog owners are faced with at one time or another. We highly recommend prevention measures to help avoid your dog bringing home these parasites. We offer several products that help control ticks on your dog. Bio Spot, available at all our stores, has a drop formula, spray formula ...
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Save on Purina Horse Feed

Purin Healthy Edge
Want to save more on your Strategy Horse Feed?  Click here to watch a video on Strategy Healthy Edge (The Science Behind the Diet) or check out the feed calculator to  calculate savings using Strategy GX and receive a coupon from Purina for $10 off your next 2 purchases of Strategy. 

Do you have senior horse?  Want to save money on your Equine Senior or Strategy horse feed?  Click here to take this short quiz and save $15!  


Garden Center Tips!

texas garden
Welcome to our garden newsletter! Our goal is to provide you with timely tips to keep your pastures, yards and gardens growing and looking good! 
Now is the time to plant your warm season grass, (common Bermuda grass seeds). The best planting times for warm season grasses are late spring to summer when soil temperatures are above 65 F at 3 inches ...
Quick Tips: Weaning Management

calvesA calf's diet and surroundings change dramatically at weaning and if you don't closely manage this lifestage, the value of your calves can be reduced. Calves can become sick and won't grow as they should.
Here are four weaning management tips to ensure calves get a good, healthy start after they are weaned.   

1. Reduce Stress. P ...
Creep Feeding Calves 
Click here to watch this video on creep feeding your calves.  
Creep Feeding Calves
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