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Financial Aid and Student Accounts
July 25th, 2012
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Paperless Billing
Want to Keep Getting Paper Bills?
Brief Alerts
  • Payment for fall semester is due prior to your session start. Some charges are due earlier, such as insurance and parking. You can view due dates in mygfu. For your aid to be ready by your due date, we recommend that by August 15th all financial aid requirements and all mygfu checklist items be completed.

  • Returning Students: Lack of enrollment affects the financial aid process. If you are not registered at least half time for the upcoming semester, you need to proceed to get enrolled.


  • If you are expecting excess funds, please make sure you keep your mailing and home addresses current in MyGFU. We send checks to the mailing address, when it is present, otherwise, home address. 


  • 2012 - 2013 Financial Aid - If you have not filed your FAFSA yet you need to do so ASAP!


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Paperless Billing

Have you ever gotten a bill from us that was missing anticipated aid and wished that you could refresh the bill once your aid was ready? Student Financial Services now has a way to do this! We have implemented online paperless billing and one of the best outcomes is that as aid changes occur, the anticipated aid will refresh once all requirements are met. Loans take about a week to originate so if you have newly accepted loans for 2012-13, it will take a week before they are reflected. 


How do you get to your online bill? It's easy: Once in mygfu, navigate to "Self Service" then choose "View Bills." (Note: The original transactions on your bill do not refresh, just the anticipated aid.)


In addition, the pdf that is created each time the bill link is accessed can be saved and emailed. That means students now have the ability to send a bill to anyone they choose. Later they can refresh the bill and send a new pdf.  


Because the online bill is the best way to view your "bottom line," SFS has also changed how often we print and mail paper bills. SFS will continue to send a paper bill in July, November and April. This is when the initial charges for each semester are processed. We are no longer going to send paper bills during the intermittent months. 


Not registered yet for fall? No worries! Please register now. We will continue to send initial bills through August 15th.  


Want to Keep Getting Paper Bills?

Our Graduate and Adult Degree Program students have been requesting paperless billing so we anticipate that you will be happy about our billing changes. However, knowing that some will want to continue to have paper bills mailed, SFS has implemented a new "Billing Address" that will allow students to designate that they want a paper bill and where it should go.

  • Students who want to continue to get paper bills monthly can do so by adding an address type of "Billing" to the addresses they have in mygfu. SFS will use this information to determine who should have the additional bill printed and mailed. Note: these statements will still have the student's name on them. Only the "Billing Address" is changed.
  • Before you add a billing address, be sure you want one! Remember we will still send paper bills in July, November and April. Those bills will be the initial bill for each new semester. 

How to add a billing address: 

  1. Navigate to the Student Center.
  2. Under Personal Information, choose either Demographic Data or "Addresses" in the drop down menu.
  3. Click on "Add a New Address" and please type carefully. If mail were to be returned undeliverable, the billing address would be inactivated until the student corrects the address. 
  4. Review for accuracy, click "OK".
  5. Select Address Type "Billing" and then SAVE.

Please be aware that if a billing address is added, it must be maintained as changes occur, regardless of whose address it is. 


An added blessing is that students who have special billing needs now have the ability to designate a billing address that is not otherwise on their record.  


If you have already made arrangements for specialized billing, such as employers, Veteran's Benefits, Voc Rehab, you do not need to add a billing address to continue to have invoices provided. Questions about specialized invoices? Contact Sherri Moore, 


Student Financial Services