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February 14, 2012
Table of Contents
Scholarship Application Deadline
Late Payment Fees
Housing Deposits for 2012-13
Tax Information
Brief Alerts
Please make sure your mailing and home addresses are current in MyGFU. 
2012-2013 is now open. If you are working on your bachelors degree, file early to maximize need based funding!  
Reminder: if you are getting married in 2012-13, contact your Financial Aid Counselor for assistance, before you file your FAFSA. 

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Scholarship Deadline This Friday!


If you haven't started or haven't submitted your application, start it today to be considered for a 2012-13 donor-funded scholarship.  The firm deadline is this Friday, Feb. 17 at 5 p.m.


Go to MyGFU. Under Student Resources, click on "2012 Newberg UG Scholarships." On the welcome page under the "Current George Fox Students" heading, click on "Returning Student Donor-Funded Scholarship Application" to get started.



Past Due Balances and Late Fees

Late payment fees (1% of the amount past due) for student accounts with past due balances will be assessed this Friday. To record your payment in time (prior to Friday), please consider paying online via mygfu. When you pay online using your checking account routing numbers, there are no online service fees and your payment will be applied instantly to your account. Then, holds that have been set based on the account balance are generally automatically released that same night! It works pretty slick! Just log in to mygfu and follow the steps below. If you have any issues be sure to allow pop-ups and you may need to clear your browser cache or history. 

Sign into your MyGFU account at
      Under Student Resources, click on Student Center
      Under the Finances section, under My Account, click on Account Inquiry
      Under the What I Owe section, click on Make a Payment
      Under Your Account, click on the statement Click Here to Make a Payment
      Click on the word Amount
      The dollar amount pre-fills, but you may edit the amount in the box if you so choose.
      Click on Add to Shopping Cart
      Follow the remaining prompts to check out via e-check

If you choose to pay by credit card, there is a 2.75% online service fee and VISA cards are not accepted.


Housing Deposits for 2012- 2013

Please be aware that the GFU Student Life Office has begun the housing deposit process for the 2012-2013 academic year. The $150 housing deposit can be paid online or in person, but it will only be accepted if the student stops by Student Account for a "Housing Deposit Confirmation" form. Without this form, your payment will be applied to your account like any other payment - not as a deposit. In addition, please be sure to read all the information furnished by Student Life regarding the housing selection process for the coming year. 


1098T (Tuition Statement for Tax Benefits for Education)
Tired about hearing about 1098T's? Unfortunately many students and families continue to have questions about "Tax Benefits for Education" are so we are resending this link to help.  


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