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Heike Brachlow Lecture
Images in Glass
Bullseye Glass Demo
Labor of Love
Summer Workshops
Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Glass Enthusiasts,

The Glass Art Society (GAS) conference in Toledo was a truly amazing and spectacular celebration of 50 Years of the Studio Glass Movement in the United States.  Surrounded by all the "old timers", including my mentor and friend Henry Halem, I felt like a kid again.    
Following the conference I headed to Detroit and Habatat Gallery.  I was moved to tears by the exhibition, which documented American Glass Art history.  I was proud beyond words to see our very own Ilanit Shalev's work on display there.  Kudos Ilanit!

I hope you all have had an amazing Summer and look forward to seeing your creations in the upcoming shows!

Kathleen Mitchell
President, AGASC



Upcoming Event!   

Heike Brachlow Lecture

Bullseye Cast Glass Artist   


AGASC is pleased to bring Heike down from Portland where she has a show at the Bullseye Gallery. She will show slides and talk about her cast glass art. She taught at Corning this past July where Ilanit took her workshop (see article below of her experience). We are so pleased that she is willing to come to San Diego to share her work!  Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to meet and learn.  


Images and text courtesy of Bullseye glass


Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Heike Brachlow began working with glass in Rotorua, New Zealand as an apprentice in a small studio. She received her BA in 2004 from University of Wolverhampton and her MA in 2006 from the Royal College of Art in London, and is now engaged in PhD research into colour in glass. Brachlow draws her inspiration from travel, human interaction, architecture and geometry. Her work aims to physically engage. The viewer, invited by words or form, becomes toucher, boldly or guiltily.



   When: Sept 1st at 4:00 pm sdai logo

   Where: SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist
   Professional Artist Lecture Series
   1439  El Prado,  House of Charm,
   Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101

Upcoming Event -  
Tour of The Fallbrook School  
of the Arts Glass Studio
     We  are pleased to be offering, a tour of our foundry, sculpture facility, ceramics and glass blowing studios as well as private studios.  Over the past year, the Fallbrook School of the Arts has made great strides to developing a first class, Glass blowing and Fine Arts Studio. With the addition of a new electric glass melting furnace, an emerging artists residencies program and a visiting artist workshop series, Fallbrook is quickly becoming a Glass Arts Hub of Southern California. In 2013, Silvia Levenson (, will be teaching a glass casting workshop and Danny White ( will be teaching a hot sculpture workshop (dates upcoming).  We are very excited to share our facility with the AGASC and hope everyone will come out. The Fallbrook School of the Arts Offers Daily Glassblowing Private Lessons, Classes, Workshops, Birthday Parties, Prototyping sessions for designers and artist, and studio rental. With an emphasis on education, The Fallbrook School of the Arts strives to make glassblowing accessible to all ages of students and hopes to share our knowledge and passion with the San Diego community.
When:   September 30th (1pm) 
Where:  Fallbrook School of the Arts  
              310 East Alvarado Street, Fallbrook,  
              California 92028 | Phone: 760.728.6383 




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 A new generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters  





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Images in Glass Workshop at Rayzist
by Jolinda Marshall

    The June workshop for the AGASC at Rayzist  was one of the very best group experiences of the year!  About 15 artists gathered for a hands-on, practical education that gave us some concrete tools for our artistic skillset.  Susan Hirsch has been working for the last few months with the wonderful staff at Rayzist to combine their professional sandblasting products with art glass. The finished products allows a photograph to be realistically captured in glass, and then painted and fused.  The workshop started with a photoshop demonstration by Susan in the conference room.  She covered in detail the process of using Photoshop to manipulate the images in the best way to utilize the Rayzist photo developing system.   Afterwards we moved to the classroom where Billy Willis gave a brief  and interesting tour of the facility with a bit of history on the company and products.

     Liz then demonstrated the photo developing system in detail, which we were pleased to find both easy to use and affordable.  Liz and Billy not only answered all of our questions, but they supplied masks for everybody to practice with, so after cleaning the glass we all peeled the release paper and applied the masks to the glass.

     Billy then talked about effective blasting and with 3 blasters available everyone got to blast two images on glass. One was a vector file with fine lines and the other a vintage photo with a dot screen.
After blasting the image into the glass the mask was removed by peeling and washing with warm water.

     The images were then ready to ink. We used glass-line paints but Susan explained that in her experience any fusible enamel will work. After drying the ink, the excess was removed with a razor and then carefully buffed off so ink was not removed from the fine lines. The samples were finished and ready for a tack fire to make the ink permanent and to even out the glass to prevent bubbles in the final stacked firing. We were all extremely pleased with the results!

     Much thanks to Billy and Liz at Rayzist for donating their time and providing the facility for us, and to Susan for so generously sharing her research and technique development!

Click here to see more pictures from this event!

ray revised  


July Meeting and Bullseye Reactive Glass Lecture  
presented by Devon Willis of Bullseye Glass

    Thank you AGASC members for coming out in record numbers to our July meeting at Rob Morey's studio in San Marcos.  And, thank you Devon Willis of Bullseye Glass for the wonderful presentation on using Bullseye reactive glass.  The sample video lesson from your website and fused samples really got our minds whirling with new ideas for kiln-formed glass.

Everyone enjoyed the interactive portion where we got a chance to take a close look at all the samples and determine the chemical colorants of the glass and what caused the reactions.  I especially like hearing about some interesting techniques that were used to create some special effects.
  bullseye lecture
Click here to see the entire album of great pictures taken at this event !

Click to download Bullseye Reactive Glass PDF files 


 Labor of Love... By Tamara Golden


     In my "day job" I work as a career coach to graduate students of International Relations at UCSD. Last November we lost one of our most stellar students - an immensely talented and bright shining gem of an individual - to cancer at the age of 32.  Just one month prior, he and his wife had delivered twin girls into the world and it was while I was taking a turn providing support for the twins that his wife, herself an artist, came to know of my work in glass.  She asked me to craft a pendant to hold her husband's wedding ring. Deeply touched by the request, and having fired precious little since moving from Boston three years ago, I jumped at the opportunity. 

     And so began my journey into a whole new world of learning that also opened the door to my working with several members of the AGASC community.  I first had to learn the ins and outs of kilncasting and about working with new varieties of glass.  Next it was hours spent honing my coldworking skills on a belt sander and lap wheel.  Finally, it was a study in epoxies, adhesives and indices of refraction.  The miracle that materialized in the end was a glass pendant that was exactly what I had imagined from the outset, if indeed not better.

     My thanks goes to Michelle Kurtis Cole, Cathy Coverely and Bill Matulich, who graciously offered up time, advice and materials at key junctures in the process.  Supreme thanks goes to Rob Morey, however.  Rob coached me along every step of my artistic journey, from concept drawings to polished product, offering me hours of advice, practical instruction, and access to resources and equipment. For me, this pendant was a labor of love, but it is also an amazing testament to the creative and collaborative spirit of the AGASC family.

Summer Casting Workshops-
share their experiences

My Summer visit to Corning by Ilanit Shalev

     My adventure to Corning started back in April, when I got an approval letter for a scholarship for Heike Brachlow class.  
     Since I had  never been to Corning before,  I didn't know what to expect. Corning is a little town in upstate NY (5 hours drive north west from NYC), apparently 3rd place in tourism after Manhattan and Niagara Falls.  The main industry is GLASS. As a student I got  lucky enough to visit at Corning Headquarters and see 8 amazing  glass installations; sorry, but no pictures were allowed. 
     One of the highlight of my trip was  visiting Corning Museum Of Glass. The Glass Collection Galleries show the most comprehensive and celebrated glass collection in the world. The galleries explore Near Eastern, Asian, European, and American glass and glass making from antiquity through present day. The story of glass began more than 3,500 years ago and the galleries document the triumphs of glass making history. I personally was very proud to see some of the ancient glass that were found in Israel, my homeland.
Click here to see pictures from the Corning Museum 
     Another exciting opportunity is to visit Rakow library.  Rakow Research Library of The Corning Museum of Glass is the world's foremost library on the art and history of glass and glass making. Its mission is to acquire everything published on the subject of glass, in every format and in every language. 
     At Heike's class we learned how to create our own glass colors (yes, lots of chemistry), models and molds for glass casting and lots of cold working. 
     The cold shop is  another dream come true -  all the equipment you need under one roof, needless to say,  the highest quality. 
     All Studio teams are professionals, very well trained, passionate about glass and educating about glass. They are willing to help in any direction as well as make your experience exquisite. 
     I'm still digesting it all and soon you'll see the results. 
     You can find a lot of information about glass like pictures, life stream video, meet the artist and more

     We are very lucky to have Heike coming here as a guest speaker on Sep1st at 4pm, I encourage all of you to come to this great opportunity to meet a European glass artist.
Click here to see more pictures from this workshop!

ilanit heike workshop

Pre-GAS casting workshop with Brian Usher by Susan Hirsch     
      Brian Usher taught a casting workshop at CIC in Detroit the week before the GAS conference in Toledo. He is now based in the US but has lived and worked in the Prague, Paris and England. His work is large and intricate and he has worked many years perfecting his methods in large casting.

     This was a five day workshop, all hands on! Working first in clay to create masters and casting in Silica/Plaster. We learned how to refine the molds, details about mixing and formulas to understand volume. We also experimented with some hot casting and then loaded the molds with billet pieces from Uroboros Glass.

      The facility at CIC was amazing! They have one of the best glass studios I have seen. So many custom made kilns and rows of furnaces for hot glass. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to study glass because they have great teachers and a huge facility. collegeforcreativestudies

     On the way back I stopped in Toledo to view the 50th anniversary show on display at the Museum of Glass. That really topped off my trip! I also visited the home of a glass collector and Cast glass artist John Wood in Detroit. His home was one of the local tours for GAS. I took lots of pics there and hope to share in a later newsletter!

Click here for more pictures of this event! 
  casting workshop Hirsch

July Workshop at BAGI with Johnathon Schmuck!   

                                       organized by Kathleen Mitchell 


     I had the idea to put together a team of glassblowers from San Diego whose paths all crossed at one time or another at UCSD and trek to the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) to master the Australian Roll Up technique with Johnathon Schmuck.  Johnathon's Fullbright Scholarship at Canberra School of Art landed him a position on Klaus Moje's team which developed and perfected the Roll Up.   I felt we could have no better instructor to help us realize our vision.

     Eight glassblowers, one 4th of July week...ever!

     Participants:  Kathleen Mitchell, Jennie Brennan, Carolyn Moore, Russell White, Andi Lai, Jaron Scott, Katrina Chan, and Julian Golder.  July 3-6, 2012    


Click here for more pictures of this event!






Welcome New Members!  


Jay Curtis and Nima Moaveni  






SEPT 1                 HEIKE BRACHLOW Cast Glass Artist Lecture                             
                             4:00 pm
                             SDAI:Museum of the Living Artist
                             1439  El Prado,  House of Charm, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101

SEPT 9-21            15th Annual Galaxy of Glass Exhibition                                                              Fallbrook Art Center & Fallbrook School of the Arts      
                              Open daily Mon-Sat 10 am to 4pm, Sun Noon-3
                              Reception: Sep 8, 2012 5-7pm
                              310 East Alvarado Street, Fallbrook,  California 92028           

SEPT 30                Fallbrook School of the Arts Glass Studio Tour
                              1:00 pm
                              Fallbrook School of the Arts  
                              310 East Alvarado Street, Fallbrook,  California 92028 

OCT 24- NOV 5     Annual Member Show  Studio 21 Spanish Village Balboa Park 


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