February/March 2012 Newsletter 

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AGASC Holiday Party
Sand n Fire Glass Show
Small image Show
San Diego Home & Garden
January AGASC Meeting
Image Workshop
Letter from the President

Dear Glass Enthusiasts,

Welcome to 2012!  I can't begin to express the pride I feel as the AGASC continues to grow and flourish.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement in the United States and we look forward to a year of amazing celebrations of the medium that we love so much.

"In 1962, two experimental glass workshops held at the Toledo Museum proved that glass was a medium suitable for the expression of artistic ideas in a studio environment. They launched a movement that was propelled by an unprecedented collective enthusiasm and since has turned into an international phenomenon that continues to inspire experimentation."

As we look back and honor Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino for their vision and ingenuity, we keep our eye on the future and the endless possibilities that await us.

My very best to you all,


Kathleen Mitchell

President, AGASC


AGASC Holiday Party      

Ilanit, prepared!

Celebrating the end of a great year with the AGASC!    


If you missed the Holiday Party, you really missed a great gathering. Many thanks to our hostess Ilanit Shalev who opened her home to all of us.  She provided hors d'oeuvres and then a Mediterranean dinner buffet.  Bill Matulich brought a killer Egg Nog and many brought sweet treats.Great Food, We started with visiting and cocktails. She had set up tables to chat around in one room and a buffet in the dinning room. Kathleen and Dick managed a lively gift exchange where you could "steal" a gift or choose a new one.  It was a fun social event!


   Link to more AGASC Holiday Party Pics  


Dick and Kathleen manage the gift exchange. 
The exchange included "gift stealing" which added lots of fun!

Sweet treats 
Visiting over hors d'oeuvres and drinks.




 Art Glass, Supplies

and Classes 


125 West 157th Street
Gardena, CA 90248

phone (800) 354-5277

or (310) 516-7828  







 3610 SE 21st Ave

Portland OR 97202

(503) 232-8887



805 Early Street, Bldg E

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2139 N. Kerby Ave.

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Phone 503-284-4900

FAX 503-284-7584





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 A new generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters  




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Stain Glass & Repair  



2176 Chatsworth Blvd

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email - info@redhotmetal.net  


Sand 'n Fire: The Wonder of Glass Show!

The Gotthelf Art Gallery at the Center for Jewish Culture features
glass artists from the AGASC. December 4 through March 4, 2012


     Glass is a medium that is inextricably linked to the technical skills that its maker possesses. The mastery of the process enables glass artists and artisans to make pieces that are truly extraordinary, whether they be blown, etched, or fused. These techniques will be on display at "Sand 'n Fire: The Wonder of Glass" as we showcase local Jewish artists who express their creativity through this malleable material. Featuring artists Garry Cohen, Leslie Perlis, Ilanit Shalev, James Stone, and Keith Wahl.   

Cherrie and Ilanit visit with guest


Hours: Sunday-Friday 9am-5pm 

Gallery phone: 858-362-1154

Potiker Family Arts & Culture Complex 

 Viterbi Family Galleria 

Lawrence Family Jewish

Community Center


4126 Executive Drive

La Jolla, CA 92037





Click on this link to view pictures from the opening night of Sand n' Fire: The Wonder of Glass    


Small Image Show at Spanish Village Gallery 21

'Not all is black and white" 

Jack Wade has two of his fused glass art pieces
juried into the Spanish Village's Galley 21
Small Image Show. 

The show runs from Jan. 25 through Feb. 27 with the reception on Jan. 28, 4 - 8pm. The Basis of the "Small Image" show is described: "To provide a unique challenge for the artist by utilizing a small image concept in the widest range of visual expression. Art can't be more than 10" in any dimension."

Jack's piece shown here is called "Not All Is Black & White".  It is made up of black, white and clear 96 glass that took 2 firings to construct -  first firing the confetti glass, then assembling the whole piece for the second firing. The final firing had to be dammed up because it was thicker than 1/4". Finally the edges where trimmed down and polished.

He made his own confetti glass. He started with a layer of clear then added broken pieces of black, white and clear along with stringers and noodles broken into smaller strips. In addition, he sprinkled small amounts of frit (using more white than black because white doesn't show up very well unless you use more of it). In the photo, the top right and bottom left have the confetti on one side and cut pieces of plain glass in a checkered pattern on the other side. To create the other two sides he cut strips of solid black, white and clear, placing them on their sides, making a structured design on top of a single sheet of clear.  He made the base using black glass, which was fired and then cut, ground and polished. The work is to be viewed from all sides.

The piece was also juried into the La Jolla Art Association's Black & White Show this past fall.  Thanks very much, Jack, for sharing this with us!


    San Diego Home & Garden Lifestyles Magazine
features AGASC member in "Stars Issue" 
The Stars of San Diego edition  featured eleven local artists 

Our Vice President, Susan Hirsch is
one of eleven Visual Artists saluted
in the January 2012
A member of the AGASC for four years, Susan is an active member
and recently redesigned our website and newsletter. She took a weekend workshop in fused glass five years ago and decided she loved the medium. She has a warehouse studio in San Marcos and holds informative workshops for members several times a year. Her work is represented by Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in La Jolla.

The article features two of the pieces that won awards in the AGASC 2011 members show. 
 Link to view the article online in Picasa  

Report on the January AGASC General Meeting   


     'Thank You'  to all of you who attended the meeting at the Chabad Hebrew Academy in Scripps Ranch.  We opened with a presentation of Ilanit's contribution of the Mechitzah glass wall room divider for Chabad. It was great to see it in person, as most of us had only seen the article in the newsletter. The photographs did not show how impressive it really is. Illanit showed sketches and talked about the lengthy process to make it a reality. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Bill Matulich and then each of the committee chairs gave an update. We then broke off into committees to plan 2012.  



Education Committee Report by Rob Morey,  Educational Committee Chair. 
     The following is a rough draft of what we came up with during the Educational Committee break out. We built the plan on the premise that the association would do something each month. Every third month is the general meeting and that would be that month's event. Realize that these are open to revision with most not having a specific date set and some months may have two events.

January:  General Meeting

February 25th:  Palm Desert Trip Organized by Rob Morey

March:  LACMA and neighboring galleries trip organized by Kathleen Mitchell

April:  General Meeting

May:  Technology demo; possible adhesive presentation by industry reprehensive; LED lighting  

June:  Silicon mold making using brush on silicon and store bought GE silicon

July:  General meeting

August:  Lost wax casting party using the silicon molds made in June

September:  Pacific Art Glass Open House trip/ Raysist tour and demo

October:  General Meeting

November:  "Make your own ornament"

December:  AGASC Christmas Party.

So there it is people. I hope that you see something there which you would like to do. We always need people to help organize and make phone calls or email contacts. And of course, we need people to participate. This is all for you, so take advantage of all of these opportunities.


Technology Committee Meeting Report  by Susan Hirsch, Technology Committee Chair 

     The group discussed some possible additions to be considered to the new website, such as rollover pics for the members names (like many galleries have) to entice viewers to use the links. Another suggestion was to add more pictures of glass and also videos or a "classified" section that might help members sell/buy studio materials from each other. Time ran short so it was decided that we would meet again on January 26th at Susan Hirsch's house to continue to discuss these and additional ideas.

        At the January 26th meeting we discussed the creation of a forum or blog as a medium for more immediate and interactive member contact. Threads would be created to discuss a variety of glass topics like technical questions, sharing new sources, materials and discuss various areas of interest. This would be open to others to broaden our connection within the larger glass community and have the potential of creating revenue with Sponsors Ads. Mary Jo Nettles and Bob Hirsch are going to pursue host resources and start testing the concept. There was further discussion of a "classified" section to help members sell/buy studio materials and it was determined that the "forum" format would would be the best avenue.

The group did some brainstorming on how to increase our membership and create more income for activities.  Printed materials promoting the AGASC and our activities to solicit interest for general membership, student membership and Sponsors was discussed. Susan is planning on soliciting Sponsors at the upcoming Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas. 


Show Committee Meeting Report  by Marti Blair, Show Committee Chair

     New year, new venues, and another anniversary to celebrate! This time it is the 50th Anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement and galleries and museums around the country will be marking the time with exhibits to reflect upon this fabulous journey. Locally, Fallbrook's Galaxy of Glass exhibit is planning big things. Your board is looking into some potential venues in Little Italy and La Jolla to showcase our members work to mark this historic event.

As Show Chair this year I want to first thank all those who made our exhibit, raffle and reception a great success in 2011. Going forward, I am going to need a lot of support from the general membership and some more volunteers for the Show Committee. Volunteer now!

Your participation this year will make the show experience more meaningful for the Association and more successful for the participants. Thirty five of over 100 members exhibited this past year. We would like to see more of you participate this year!  Please send your input, suggestions and ideas to any Board member or to me at  martiblair@cox.net . Thank you!



gen pic committees
                                            Committees met to start planning activities for 2012.



Workshop Report: Images in Glass l  by Connie Glovier 


I'm so glad I took Rob Morey's Images in Glass Workshop last Saturday. It was definitely worth the early a.m. drive from La Mesa to San Marcos on a rainy day. Rob had carefully planned materials and copies of written handouts and presented a great overview of what we were planning for the day. And then we were free to play with the materials, using different mediums (laser printer and ceramic decals, enamel paint, & under glaze pencils) to transfer drawings onto the glass. There were others, like me, who claimed to have no drawing ability, but I think we all did better than expected. I love the synergy of learning with a group as we all shared our ideas. I think Rob has even talked one of his students into joining AGASC. Before we left late afternoon, we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Rob's beautiful creations and also toured the other artist studios in the Nottingham Center for the Arts. Rob has several other classes scheduled and I'd highly recommend them to you. No matter what degree of glass knowledge, you will learn something new from him and enjoy yourself in the process. He's a great teacher as well as artist.

glass workshop images connie

Link to RAMorey glass for upcoming workshops  

Welcome New Members!


Mia Neustein

Autumn Osborne

Jake Raymond  
Paul Czajkowski

Bob Hirsch

Bob Stinton
Linda Alley






DEC 4 -MAR 4         Fire n' Sand: The Wonder of Glass Exhibit     

                                 The Gotthelf Art Gallery at the Center for Jewish Culture features
                                 glass artists from the AGASC. Link to the Gotthelf Art Gallery 


FEBRUARY 25         Trip to Palm Desert - Gallery and Museum Tour
                                  organized by Rob Morey
                                  If you are interested please email me and include your zipcode      



MARCH TBD            Trip to Los Angeles - LACMA and Gallery Tour
                                  organized by Kathleen Mitchell    

                                  If you are interested please email agasc30@gmail.com 


MAR 28- APRIL 1     Glass Craft and Bead Show Las Vegas                                   
                                  South Point Hotel and Casino 
9777 Las Vegas Blvd. South,
                                  Las Vegas, NV 89183
    Link to Expo Website

JUNE 13-16              Glass Art Society 42nd Annual Conference
                                  Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Studio Glass "Roots" in America
                                  Toledo, Ohio    Link to Conference Website                    



To submit events that may be of interest to our members contact
our AGA Newsletter Editor Carol Korfin   



Share your experiences at a workshop, show or event with all of us at AGASC!
                                             This is your newsletter...  We would love to hear from you!  

              Deadline for Articles and Events for April/May Issue is March 15   



Carol Korfin Newletter Editor
Art Glass Association of Southern California