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LETTER from the President


Greetings Glass Fanatics!


 Wow! It's hard to believe all we have done so far this year.  In February the new Board met and began to create a plan which would invigorate our current members and entice new ones.  We have seen our dream take shape and grow.  I am grateful to my co-executives for sharing their talent and devoting their time.  We meet frequently, follow an agenda, discuss, debate, vote and arrive at a consensus, all without a single drop of blood being shed.


As this Newsletter goes to publication (thank you Technology Team!!!!), I will be heading up to Seattle to the 41st annual Glass Art Society meeting http://www.glassart.org/2011_Seattle_WA.html  "Creative Crossroads".  I hope to come back with brilliant ideas, both for myself and our AGASC.  Speaking of ideas for you...


Our quarterly General Membership Meeting will be on June 29th at 6pm at the San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 in Balboa Park.

I have put together an impressive panel of art professionals with the focus on helping YOU develop your career and grow!  This is not to be missed so mark your calendar now.


Last, but not least.  I'd like to, once again, thank Ron Carlson for graciously opening the doors of the UCSD Crafts Center to the AGASC and allowing us to try our collective hands at new and different techniques.  Many thanks, as well, to the dedicated instructors who gave their time and skill to create a wonderful experience for us all.  A tip of the hat to Ron Carlson (Neon), Chet Wooding (Sandblasting), Dan Kripke (Laser Engraved Dichro), Teresa Soito (Lampworking, Effetre), John Long (Lamp Working, Boro), Patty Yockey and Clay Logan (Glassblowing) and of course, Mark Nelson for bartending!


See you all on June 29th.


Kathleen Mitchell
President AGASC

April Workshop:  A Big Success!  

The UCSD Craft Center workshop was amazing!


Laser on Dichro! Neon! Lampworking! Glassblowing! Sandblasting! About 35 AGASC members signed up and were in manageable size groups at the various classes. The efforts Ron Carlson and Kathleen Mitchell put into the program made the whole day a great success!


Hotshop Report by Marti Blair...  

Well, I chose glassblowing because it is so hard to just walk up to the counter anywhere and say: "I'd like to blow some glass today please!" Oh yeah, bout the glassblowing class: it was a blast!! Clay Logan and Patty Yockey gamely took on 5 novice wannabe glassblowers: Ilanit Shalev, Sandy Levin, JoAnne Pastori, Frank Havlichek and me!  Patty was especially free-wheeling in showing Frank how to pick up some of his fused checkerboard pieces resulting in some NICE pieces! While she helped Frank and JoAnne, Clay single handedly and very casually showed us 3 gals how to handle the simplest of moves at the glass bench. Now simple isn't necessarily easy, and we had varying degrees of success. Sandy came away with 3 nice pieces! Two beautiful ornaments, and a nice gold rimmed cup. The objective was that each of us would be able to make 2 pieces: one an ornament (which they put the hook on for us) and a nice cup. And we did! I noticed that Patty also used twists of the tongs to get an interesting affect on the ornaments JoAnne and Frank were working on.

Neon Comments by Lea deWitt ... 

"I had an awesome time trying out neon - what a fascinating art form!   It was great reconnecting with friends & meeting new people too.  Many thanks to Ron Carlson for his expert instruction, to Kathleen Mitchell for organizing, & to the UCSD Craft Center for sponsoring this event! "





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AGASC members at the Expo in Las Vegas! 



Classes and vendor exhibits highlight this annual show and convention each year in Las Vegas. This event provides opportunities to purchase from a vast selection of glass materials, see demonstrations and view new equipment.  It is a great place to see all types of glass resources in one place. There are lectures and demonstrations on stage all throughout the day and a huge variety of workshops and individual classes to choose from. Included in the Expo is an exhibition area for various Glass Artists.  Several of our AGASC members attended the event  this year from April 1st through the 3rd.

Leslie Perlis gave a wonderful lecture and showed slides on her amazing mosaic work and signed books afterward. 

Marti Blair helped out in Boyce Lundstrom's booth where he introduced his new line of enamels and latest book.  

Susan Hirsch helped in the Rayzist Booth and showed examples of fused glass imagery by etching and fusing with glass-line paints using Rayzist films and sandblasters.

Jo Ann Pastori took several very informative classes and shared her results with us.

Ilanit Shalev took the opportunity to solicit New Patron Members. 


For more pics of the event click here 


JULY EVENT: "Bone" Glass Casting Party 

Rob Morey is hosting a casting party on July 24  1:00 to 5:00

                                     Call to Artists:

"One Million Bones" - collaborative art installation in Spring of 2013, 


One Million Bones is a collaborative art installation made by artists, activists, and students, designed to recognize the millions of victims and survivors who have been killed or displaced by ongoing genocides and mass atrocities in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burma. Our Mission is to create a visible movement that will increase global awareness of these atrocities while raising the critical funds needed to protect and aid displaced and vulnerable survivors.

          CREATE & SPONSOR YOUR OWN BONE... (Consider sponsoring more than one bone) For One Million Bones to realize its vision, we need people to create and donate bones for this event. We are asking you to make a bone and sponsor that bone with a $5 donation.  

          Check out the web site at "One Million Bones" 


Rob Morey Studio @ Nottingham Center for the Arts

240 San Marcos Blvd. San Marcos, CA 92079

858-229-6072 www.nottinghamarts.org



Angle Grinder Workshop Report:  


AGASC MAY EVENT by Ilanit Shalev


I really got a lot out of this workshop!  Ever since my trip to Pilchuck, I've seen the value of cold working and the quality and professionalism it brings to glass art. Susan Hirsch has made this accessible for the "common glass artist" by coming up with easy to build and affordable grinding solutions.  In this demo, she shared with us her brilliant "grinder station" for wet angle grinding.  In her design of the station, Susan thought of every little detail and found solutions to making this an easy process. The station is made of corrugated plastic and is folded, much like you might fold origami.  It is lightweight and watertight, and the glass is secured with pool noodles on copper tubing. The noodles allow you to slide the glass in and out while holding it securely for grinding. During the workshop, Susan demonstrated how to safely use the electric wet grinder and also showed us how to build a tabletop box that works well for flat surface polishing. We all had a chance to try our hand at grinding and found it wonderfully easy! She showed a new and exciting tool in the studio, a lighter air angle grinder which is used instead of electrical. This grinder is my new favorite tool!!!  I have been working with the angle grinder for a while now and love the fast and fully polished results I get with it.

Thanks Susan for being so generous and sharing your creativity in using these wonderful tools with us!


 Lynn, Kathy and Bill "get down" on some grinding at the workshop!grinderdemogroup

To see more photos of the workshop click here! 

Another Successful Patio Show and Sale!     

 Twice a year AGASC members have a huge sale in Balboa Park with the largest selection of glass for sale in Southern California! 



Click here to view the entire album! 

OMG!   It now means Oh, Morey's Great!


I just took Rob Morey's "Images in Glass" workshop on May 21st and 22nd. It was fantastic. 14 hours over 2 days jam packed with so much information, teaching, and experimenting that after only a few hours into the class we all felt we had already gotten our money's worth.


Rob has a wealth of knowledge that he shared, the patience of a saint in dealing with us and the perseverance of a bulldog when challenged by a project.


He started by presenting an overview of the 2 day class, went on to explain everything in his studio and it's purpose, presented us with materials and then we alternated between explanations of techniques and hands on trying them. Things like using organic material, different types of decals, powders, enamels, glassline, underglaze pencils, screen printing and fiber paper relief.


His explanations were very clear, his assistance always available and his handouts recapped everything for us so there was no need to take lots of notes. On top of that the class gave helpful hints to one another and we all went home with our heads filled with ideas to try for a long time to come.


If you get a chance to take one of his classes you will be glad you did. I know I am.

Carol Korfin   



Welcome New members:  

Jennifer Brennan, Donna Davidson, Brian Evans, Mary Hahlbohm, Juan Hernandez, Thomas Hobbs, Brian Knapp, Sandy Levin, Tom Marosz, Scott Maxwell, MaryJo Nettles, Linn Nimietz, Amber Osborne, Gayle Richardson, Allison Sanford, Letrice Sherrillo Bona, Bob Sloan, Lauren Stewart, Sarah Tippit, Russell White, Butch Young




MARCH 5 - SEPTEMBER 5  Art Aquatic Exhibit

JUNE 1-5 Glass Art Society Conference for details and registration 

JUNE 29 General Meeting 6pm San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
JULY 24 "One Million Bones" casting party Rob Morey Studio
AUGUST  Workshop - TBA  - details to come

To submit events that may be of interest to our members contact
our AGA Newsletter Editor Carol Korfin  

Deadline for Articles and Events for Aug/Sept Issue is July 15  


Carol Korfin Newletter Editor
Art Glass Association of Southern California