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August 2012                                                                          Issue No. 30 

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EPG Companies Inc. specializes in the manufacture of landfill leachate pumps & controls, sump drainers, remediation equipment, telemetry hardware and

SCADA systems and other environmental and industrial products.




EPG Companies Inc. would like to welcome new Sales Manager Greg Burns to the EPG staff. Greg's 20 years of landfill industry experience involving design engineering, environmental compliance, analysis & testing, estimating and business development strengthens our ability to continually provide superior products and unmatched expertise.



Thanks to everyone that stopped by the new EPG booth at Wastecon this year. We hope you had an opportunity to see our Landfill Gas Effect demonstration and new line of Control Panels. Our Applications Specialists had many great opportunities to discuss new landfill projects and ongoing challenges facing design engineers, site managers and field personnel. Thanks again! 


EPG Booth



As always, EPG welcomes your feedback. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at



EPG Companies Inc.

Positive Displacement Blower

Fugitive Gas Solutions


For nearly 25 years, EPG has offered blower packages for gas extraction and containment at landfills, waste water treatment plants, soil remediation projects and other fugitive emission sources. Available blowers include Regenerative, Positive Displacement, Centrifugal, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Claw Vacuum Pump types. 


Call 1-800-443-7426 or email us at to learn more about equipment solutions for your fugitive gas challenges.  




Economical and durable solutions for:
  • Odor complaints and migration control of noxious emissions.
  • Building protection from dangerous gas migration & accumulation in on-site structures.
  • Air quality permit compliance and meeting emissions standards.

Positive Displacement Blower Photo
Common design features and options:
  • Skid mounted blower systems.
  • Open systems or built into designed, enclosed structures on-site.
  • Electrical control systems for data logging or integration with landfill control and reporting systems.    

Quality Products Available from EPG     

Not only does EPG offer the best in leachate collection pumps & controls, we also carry a full line of other landfill, industrial and remediation products. Call 1-800-443-7426, visit or email us at for more information.

Landfill Products:

* Patented Wheeled Sump Drainer
* Vertical Sump Drainer
* Portable Leachate Collection System
* LRSMaster Leachate Recirculation System
* Controllerless Pneumatic Pumps for Monitoring and Gas Condensate
* Pneumatic Pumps and Controls
* PumpMaster™ UL Listed Control Panels and Telemetry Systems
* LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring and Control Systems
* Flow Meter Systems & Controls
* Process and Storage Tanks
* Tank Seals
* Guided & Non-Guided Pump Disconnects
* E-Wave Wireless Switches
* Breakout Junction Boxes for Sensor and Power Connection NEMA 4X /6
* Nasty Gas Blowers
* Blowers for Vapor Extraction & Aeration
* Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizer
* Carbon for Vapors and Liquids
* Control Valves
* Stainless Steel Piping
* Rental Equipment

Industrial Products:
* UL Listed Control Panels, Telemetry Systems and PLCs.
* Explosion-Proof Controls and Instrumentation
* Tanks and Agitators
* Process Pumps
* Pneumatic Pumps and Controls
* Air Compressor Packages
* Oil/Water Separators
* Flow Meter Systems
* Packed Tower & Low-Profile Tray Air Strippers
* Control Valves
* Carbon for Vapors and Liquids
* LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring & Control Systems
* Liquid Level Sensors
* Pressure Transmitters
* E-Wave Wireless Switches
* Vacuum Drying Equipment
* Process Blowers
* Nasty Gas Blowers
* CS Series Condensate Filter Separators
* Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizer
* Custom-Built Piping Systems
* Process Gauges
* Rental Equipment

Remediation Products:
* TSP Submersible Pumps
* Vertical Sump Drainer
* Controller-less Pneumatic Pumps for Total Fluids or Product Pumping
* UL Listed Control Panels and Remote Monitoring Systems
* Process Water and Product Storage Tanks
* Transfer Pumps
* E-Wave Wireless Switches
* Oil/Water Separators
* Stand Alone Flow Meter Systems
* Packed Tower & Low-Profile Tray Air Strippers
* Control Valves
* Carbon for Vapor and Liquids
* Liquid Level Sensor
* Breakout Junction Boxes for Sensor and Power Connections
* Vapor Extraction Blowers
* Nasty Gas Blowers
* CS Series Condensate Filter Separators
* Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizer
* Air Sparge Packages
* Process Gauges
* Rental Equipment



Solid Waste Association of North America

Upcoming Events
EPG will have representation at the following SWANA and industry related events:



2012 Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference | Sept. 11-12

Fort McMurry, 

Zirco, Ltd represents EPG throughout Canada. Learn more.  


2013 Service School March 2013 | Registration forms for the Basic and Advanced classes will be available soon at Watch for our announcement in the coming weeks!

Call us at 1-800-443-7426 with questions.