August 2012
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"True" Story - Chasing Down the Ice Cream Man
I Cannot Tell a Lie (But Some Process Servers Can and Do)

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In this edition, we have addressed How Some Process Servers Can and Do Tell Lies and provided a true story...Chasing Down the Ice Cream Man about one of our serves.


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Kyle and Melissa Jones

President and Vice President

Chasing Down the Ice Cream Man

Process Serving "True" Story
By Melissa Jones   


One of the ways we servers locate individuals is by checking the tags on the vehicles parked at the last known address. I always check to see what vehicles are parked at the residence, and I keep notes to try to identify any details or patterns that may prove helpful. There have been times when I could not complete service at the residence, but by spotting the vehicle (and tag) at a different location, I have been able to confirm identity and complete service.


In a recent case I pulled up to the intended subject's residence and noticed a hand-painted ice cream truck in the driveway.  Hmmm. That's unique. This could be interesting.  When I knocked on the door, there was no answer.  I figured that since we had been in the grips of a heat wave, with temperatures over 100 degrees for the past two weeks, the subject was going to try to make some money by selling ice cream.  


At Aristocrat, we always make at least three service attempts at different times of the day, so I returned to the house at around 4 pm and noticed
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I Cannot Tell a Lie (But Some Process Servers Can and Do)

"Chaos would result if the legal community could not depend on the truthfulness of declarations of service of process," (Kappel v. Bartlett, 1988).


I can't imagine making a false declaration of service. In fact, I take my work so seriously, that it's difficult for me to imagine any process server lying about their work, but the evidence speaks for itself:  


"In July of 2009 the New York State Attorney General filed a suit against thirty-five different law firms, including defendant Zwicker, all of which employed American Legal Process. This particular suit alleges almost 100,00 default judgments were entered in the New York Courts based upon false affidavits prepared by process servers who were employed by American Legal Process," (Harrell, 2009).


"In the opinion of one process server with years of experience both in the field and in training others, process servers regularly execute and file false or


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