November 2011
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We Solve the Puzzle of Process Serving
Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

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In this edition, we have addressed How We Solve the Puzzle of Process Serving and a true story of Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.


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Kyle and Melissa Jones

President and Vice President

We Solve the Puzzle of Process Serving

In the course of a busy day, service of process may seem relatively straight forward, just one of many tasks on a busy attorney's To Do list. However, as any process server knows, service of process is much more than simply delivering legal documents that officially request a person's presence in court. Each state and jurisdiction specifically regulate how, when, where, and to whom process may be served, and the regulations vary further depending on the type of papers to be served. Failure to comply exactly with process service regulations can cost you time, money, your case, and possibly your good name.

For example, foreclosure papers may include a Notice of Acceleration, a Notice of Default, a Notice of Intent to Foreclose, a Notice of Sale and, especially in jurisdictions that allow for a period of redemption, a foreclosure notice that is delivered after the sale has actually taken place. None of those documents are optional and all must comply with
... Read more



Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk 


A lot of companies say they are committed to customer service. It is an easy thing to say, and it may help gain new clients. But saying it and living it are two very different things, and living the commitment is the only way to retain clients long term. At Aristocrat Process Serving, we are truly committed to providing exceptional customer service. The following Process Serving True Story illustrates how we actively live our commitment every day.


One of our attorney clients was working on a divorce case and needed someone served at a specific time in the evening. Based on the details of the case our client anticipated that it would be a difficult serve. Kyle called the client just prior to serving the papers and kept the phone on the entire time, so our client could hear everything that was said during the serve. Our client requested that Kyle ...  Read more


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Aristocrat is dedicated to using innovative techniques and strategic teamwork to provide unmatched professional service of process and diligent investigations to attorneys, businesses and individuals nationwide. Our purpose is to provide accurate information to help ensure justice. Our core value is diligence. We give constant and earnest effort to accomplish what we undertake. Our clients can rely on us for excellence, professionalism, respect, integrity and innovation in all we do. We work in unity with our clients and team members to ensure lasting relationships... Read more
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