October 2011
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How Dangerous is Process Serving?
Process Server Detained at Gunpoint

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In this edition, we have addressed how dangerous process serving is and provided a story about a process server being detained at gunpoint.


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Kyle and Melissa Jones

President and Vice President

How Dangerous is Process Serving?

When is the last time you had to step over a stack of rusty hubcaps or a broken sidewalk on your way into work? How often do you blaze a path through a yard full of debris or tiptoe around piles of pet waste to get to your job done? If you are a process server, you probably do this more often than most people. Process servers face many dangers on the job, both at the site of service and while they are en route to and from service. Dogs, physical property hazards, and intended subjects and their family and friends may impede completion of service and sometimes threaten a server's welfare.  


Last month police in Prescott, Arizona arrested a man on charges including attempted second-degree murder after a process server who posted papers at the man's home told police the man shot him in the back as he walked back to his vehicle. According to reports, after the man repeatedly avoided service, the local court granted an alternate means of service to post the papers on the front gate. The server told police that he taped the paperwork to the locked front gate and was walking back to his vehicle when the subject ... Read more


Process Server Detained at Gunpoint

Process Serving "True" Story      


On Friday, August 26, 2011, a former United States Marine Corps intelligence analyst filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kansas against two Atchison, Kansas police officers, the police chief and the City of Atchison, Kansas. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff, Jason Anderson, alleges that he was held at gunpoint at the home of off-duty Atchison police officer Jon C. Willis.  


Mr. Anderson works part-time as a process server. The incident allegedly occurred when Anderson went to Officer Willis' home to serve the officer's wife with legal papers. Officer Willis became irate (his words) and pulled a gun on Anderson, refused to let him leave the property and called another officer. Anderson was there to lawfully serve process, yet the two officers detained him at gunpoint, despite his repeated request to leave. The officers finally allowed Anderson to leave, after ordering him never again to return to Atchison to serve process.


1 Other allegations in the lawsuit include: ...  Read more

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