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Do YOU Know the Differences?
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In honor of  World "Arthritis" Day IAAM is attempting to re-brand the word "arthritis" to include the autoimmune arthritis diseases that affect millions under the age of 40.
  Arthritis is not an umbrella term meaning joint pain.
 Help us make others understand the difference!
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On October 12th, it's World "Arthritis" Day.  IAAM puts the word "arthritis" in quotations to highlight the fact that over the years the word has become a generic term for all strands of arthritis.  This has led to a gross misunderstanding that ALL arthritis can be treated by over-the-counter medications or simple diet adjustments (see example below), that ALL arthritis is merely joint pain and that ALL arthritis is caused by old age, wear and tear, or injury. In fact, 7 out of over 100 types of arthritis are classified as Autoimmune Arthritis diseases, which are serious, systemic diseases that involve the whole body, including organ involvement. Although Autoimmune Arthritis can occur at any age, because it is brought on by problems within the immune system, it typically occurs between the ages of 0-40. 
 Autoimmune Arthritis 

How Can You Help?

First, please forward this e-newsletter to every person you know.  Explaining there is a difference is half the battle!
Next, click on the link below to find out more about the differences between "arthritis" and "autoimmune arthritis". 
Finally, we are asking all people who are willing to help us spread awareness to purchase 1 of 3 items shown to the left.  This design was created specifically to grab the attention of those who think arthritis is just "an old person's disease", and will hopefully encourage them to learn otherwise.  If this image is seen often around the world, perhaps it will peak curiosity to understand the differences?

Come be a part of changing the face of "arthritis" by clicking here:  www.IAAMovement.org !
Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us re-brand the word "arthritis"!
-The IAAM Team