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 Kathleen in Jersey

Kathleen and her colleagues can help you look at possibilities and turn them

into probabilities that will

enrich and enhance your professional and personal life.

Would you like to obtain knowledge and clarity? Take the step to where you are no longer just surviving but THRIVING!

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"The Way of the Horse"

"The Way of the Horse,"
a Horse Spirit Connections interview with Kathleen Ingram

Program for Returning Vets
Kathleen is Co-Creator, 

Mental Health and PTSD consultant for IFEAL's "Dare to Live" programme.

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"From the moment I met Kathleen I could feel that there was something special about her, something many of us don't get to experience often enough in our personal or professional lives. Kathleen's wisdom, experience, and dedication to this field radiate acceptance and a genuine willingness to share her knowledge. Her philosophy of "holding the sacred space of possibility"  and encouragement to challenge your learning edge creates an environment for personal and professional growth that is open, warm, and most of all inspiring! It was truly an honor and a blessing for me to have her as my EFL facilitator trainer and to have experienced her gift of mentorship."     ~ Drea Bergquist Bowen, Silverdale, Washington



As the seasons change and we get ready for the promises from Indigenous cultures world-wide for the new earth, I find myself once again aware that the horses are here to help us be one with the earth and each other. I just returned from co-facilitating a workshop in Oregon with Holli Lyons we call "Earthwalk". This being our second offering of the workshop, it included Holli's extensive knowledge of Shamanic studies and the latest in the scientific research on relationship and connection. All present learned more about ourselves and the nuisances of the connections between heart and action. Curious about the workshop and what Holli offers? Contact Holli at: holliswarmblood@aol.com 

September and October will find me back in the United Kingdom to be with the IFEAL 2012 graduating class and to co-facilitate the "The Zone of Intuitive Knowing: Finding your Sacred Space" with Sun Tui. For more information on the training program and the workshop contact Sun Tui at www.ifeal.me

In November I will be joining Wendy and Andre at Horse Spirit Connections to welcome and teach their new class in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) in Toronto, Canada. They were recently featured in a documentary on Canadian television. Click here to see the video.   


You may recall that I launched a mentorship program in January of 2011.  This newsletter highlights 4 women who have completed the individual mentorship program with me. They represent a wide range of geographic locations as well as their individual accomplishments. Beth Godwin from New Zealand; Carla O'Brien from Virginia; Maude Beauchamp from California and Susan Castaneda from New Mexico can be contacted for an individual equine experience or for a workshop. Read on to see what they have to say about the Mentorship program. 


Wishing you the bounties and beauties of fall! 
Kathleen in England
Many Blessings,
Beth Godwin


beth godwin  "I am very honored to be mentored by Kathleen. To have access to her infinite wisdom and depth of knowledge is a great privilege. I finally feel as though I am beginning to really understand the true essence of the EFL work. I also feel very inspired and supported by our mentoring relationship. Thank you Kathleen for giving me this wonderful opportunity, and to the Universe for bringing our paths together."
Aquila Coaching



Carla O'Brien  


carla o'brien and daisy "I absolutely cannot put into words the value of Kathleen's program, her years of wisdom, and generous heart. She is truly in this work to make a difference. Kathleen is the consummate heart felt professional, offering incredible structure, background, and documentation as a platform for her mentorship students. But from there, she is able to truly be with and understand all the challenges of the learning that might come up and holds your sacred space in such a way the you soar to your accomplishment and knowledge in this work.


Since I was already an accomplished horsewoman, the ability to do this work remotely allowed me to get the training I needed. I loved being required to do write ups of each horse/client session and then review and have feedback on my results and learning. The program, as it is structured, allows for so much more doing and experiencing, than other programs with huge manuals and tons of paperwork. I am a big believer in experiential learning, and Kathleen's mentorship program is set up to do just that. I am amazed at how incredibly fruitful the horse sessions are for my clients.

Time and time again, I see the horse coaches be able to unlock someone, to hold their space in such a way to allow the client to surrender and be with whatever is blocking them from their desired outcomes. Clients feel connected and safe doing this work with the horses. The transformations keep happening, one after the other! I also felt as if I had a touchstone, friend, and wisdom guide for myself as I stepped into this new territory with my clients. We not only reviewed the horse sessions, but Kathleen also checked in with my life, and how my challenges were going. I continue to hire her monthly to coach me as she always has such succinct wisdom and guidance that helps me to grow."

Life Coach, ADD Coach, Asperger's Coach, Equine Experiential Coaching

Maude Beauchamp 

maude b and hannah
"Working with Kathleen in the Advanced EFL Mentorship has been a grounding and fruitful experience, both professionally and personally. With having a lifetime worth of horse experience, and training in both the EAGALA and Epona Equine Facilitated Learning models, I was on my way in this field. But I had this nagging feeling .... that I needed more... instruction, guidance, and oversight from an "expert" as I began my foray into this work with horses. I am so grateful for Kathleen! Grateful hat I "found" her and that she has been so willing to educate and support me. 

Kathleen brings a wealth of leading edge information and experience to her Mentorship program, informing throughout from both her personal and professional lives as a therapist and pioneer in the Equine Facilitated Learning field. And she is such a nice person with this BIG wonderful heart! I feel confident with the mentorship I have received from Kathleen and happy to know she is there for me as I move forward with my horses and clients!" 




Susan Murrell Castaņeda, MS, NBCT, BCC 
Susan Castenenda
"The value in Kathleen's mentorship is in being able to receive the benefit of her vast experience and wisdom in a one to one setting. The readings and practice sessions have enabled me to embody a deeper awareness of the foundational teachings of Epona, and Kathleen's gifted and brilliant coaching served as the connection between awareness and manifestation.

Many times during my work with Kathleen, she suggested perspectives that stopped me in my tracks! Not only would the viewpoints have never occurred to me, but they transformed my obsolete thinking patterns. Kathleen truly creates a "sacred space of possibility" through her deep capacity to love, to accept every nuance of the human experience...and her tireless quest to continue learning and growing enhance her strengths as a mentor and coach who walks her talk....guiding by example.

Thank you, Kathleen!" 

Equine Alchemy Southwest