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(The new FACES of NCCJ)
Issue 7 - Going FACE to FACE With Bias and Bigotry


Pam Evans at the Civil Rights Memorial. The memorial bears the names of 40 men, women and children who died during the Civil Rights Movement.
I recently visited the Civil Rights Memorial  in Montgomery, Alabama.  It stands as a reminder of precious lives lost in the name of personal freedom.  The memorial honors the accomplishments and courage of brave individuals who died during the Civil Rights Movement, a period during which Brown vs. the Board of Education (1954) and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1968) became turning points in the quest for social justice and equality.
We are currently seeing a resurgence of extreme hate groups - more than 1,000 currently identified in the US, including 60 in California.  I can't help but ask: Have we forgotten the dream?  If in 2011, there is just one person who becomes a victim of a hate crime simply because he or she is identified as "different" by another individual or group, then we must surely pause and reflect.  As humankind evolves, I can only hope that kindness, tolerance, and respect for others will one day be the norm.
Pam Evans
Director of Executive Programs, NetApp
Silicon Valley FACES Board Member


Ron Evans 

"Ron, Look Out!" screamed my mom.  If she had not yelled out at that second I would have taken a screwdriver in my back. 


My mother, two aunts from Idaho and an aunt from Fremont were just leaving in their car after a wonderful family visit.  They saw what I was unable to - two men running up behind me, one with a sharp object in the striking position.   Within a millisecond I turned around to face them.  At the same time, my mom and aunts peeled out in their red hot Mustang and literally pinned one up against the back of a car.  Defending myself against one of the perpetrators didn't cost much - a broken hand, not too high a price.  Or that's what I thought at the time.   Read more





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Your generosity has supported the educational programs Silicon Valley FACES is known for: Camp Everytown, Extremes of Hate: Holocaust Studies & Critical Thinking, Building Connections, The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing, Art and Multimedia Contest, and Common Ground. 

Thank you.
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OldLady It is estimated that for every one case of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation  reported to authorities, five more go unreported.  Due to the lack of public awareness, these victims go unnoticed by neighbors, family members, senior centers and healthcare providers. 


Silicon Valley FACES is proud to announce the addition of two Victim Advocates to our Victim Witness Assistance Program.  These advocates are trained to provide specialized services to survivors of violent crime, age 55 and older.  Services include outpatient mental health services, assistance with medical bills and emergency relocation services.  Our elder abuse advocates are also able to accompany victims and family members to court, offer orientation to the criminal justice system, provide court appointment reminders and assist with transportation to court and other related appointments.


Silicon Valley FACES' Victim Witness Assistance Program has embarked on a campaign aimed at educating senior citizens and community members about the signs of elder abuse.



Executive Committee

Chair -- Carl E. Cookson

Vice Chair -- Dr. Frank Fiscalini

Treasurer -- Eric Wang

Secretary -- Joyce Steakley

At Large -- Craig Nordlund

Executive Director -- Pat Mitchell, SFCC


Board of Directors

Rabbi Melanie Aron

 Mikael Berner

Hon. Len Edwards

Pam Evans

Dotty Hayes

Bob LoPresto

Lisa McCormack

Deputy Chief Phan Ngo

Maria Olide

Marty Schulter



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