Got tissues handy?  Three Wishes is debuting in trade paperback today. This is one of my favorite books for three reasons.

First, the premise. A woman walking home from work on a snowy Vermont night is hit by a car and hurt badly enough to have a near death experience. Ever had one of those? Me, neither. But when Bree Miller regains consciousness, she is sure that she's been given a gift of three wishes. The question is whether it's real and at what cost.

Second, the characters. Tom Gates is a hero seeking redemption, Bree Miller a heroine seeking love, her long-lost mother, and a baby. But there is a full cast of others - including Flash and his diner, Julia and her flowers, Verity Greene, and forest fairies - all of whom add vivid color to Bree's life.

Third, emotion. Big time. Even glancing through the book to write this note, I choked up.

So if you're looking for a summer read that offers equal parts magic, charm, and heart, try this one. It has a gorgeous new cover. And of course, it's available in e-book and small paperback format as well.

I've just now finished my newest, Sweet Salt Air, but this one will require a shift in your mindset from snowy Panama, Vermont, to a sunny island off the coast of Maine called Quinnipeague. Sweet Salt Air will be your summer read of 2013. Make Three Wishes its counterpart in 2012.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send them via or www.facebook/bdelinsky.

Be well, and keep reading!


Three Wishes July 2012

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