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Climate Mama News and Updates: January 20th, 2010

We wanted to "toot" our own horn a bit, and bring you up to speed on Climate Mama's outreach to date. In the 2 1/2 months that Climate Mama has been "live" we have had visitors from 28 countries around the world and 6 different continents! Thanks for helping us spread the word and for joining us on our journey to educate each other on climate change!

We hope you will also join us this January and sign on to our Save the World Energy Star Pledge drive. Let Climate Mama and Energy Star help you find ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Please help us reach our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 350,000 pounds by the end of JANUARY (this would be the equivalent of taking 30 cars off the road for one year)! Please take a minute, and join Climate Mama and the  Energy Star Pledge Campaign NOW!

In early January, we reported to you from the top of a volcano on the lengths scientists will go to to collect data on greenhouse gas emissions. Join us in February, as we report on the steps that the city of Vancouver is taking to create the first ever "carbon neutral" Olympic Games. And last but not least, if you haven't already "met" our Climate Mama of the Month, please do. Greta Browne is an inspirational "grandma" who doesn't let any "grass" grow under her feet!

Sincerely yours,

Climate Mama
Climate Mama's Blog Update
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So far this month, Climate Mama Blog posts, have looked at "the demise of global warming," "how time flies" in the 4.5 billion year history of Planet Earth, the Detroit Auto Show and why there are so many Electric Cars on display this year, as well as ways to get involved in a "climate action" from your own home or office! Climate Mama gives you a "101" on your carbon footprint, as we prepare for a trip to the winter Olympics to look at how big that event's footprint is. And finally, we bring you a quick look at a Frank Capra film, no its not Arsnic and Old Lace (in case you are an old movie buff) but rather the Unchained Goddess, a training film by Capra on Global Warming, from 1958. 

Our new "featured partner" is the the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Help Change the World, Energy Star Pledge Drive.

Finally, a quick comment on the humanitarian disaster in Haiti, which affects us all. We know that you are  probably getting inundated with ways that you can help the people of Haiti. A word of advice when choosing an organization to support. Make sure that the agency you choose to give through has a presence on the ground in Haiti. The disaster continues to compound as it unfolds and it will continue to get worse before it gets better. Fresh water and medical supplies are in the greatest demand at this moment. Both the Alliance for Climate Protection and the Climate Project have recommended Oxfam, as an organization with people on the ground in Haiti. Oxfam is coordinating water distribution among numerous aid agencies and is ready to put your donations to work immediately. Which ever organization you choose to support, make sure they have a field presence in place.

Thanks again for spending your valuable time with us!

Thanks for helping us grow. Together we CAN make a difference!

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Harriet Shugarman
Executive Director
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