One of the most dangerous and easy to solve property maintenance issues is keeping vision triangles clear and free of any obstructions.  Vision triangles are simply sight lines at intersections or along curves in a road that should be kept free of any obstructions so motorists can see incoming traffic, bicyclists, or pedestrians.  


Village Code requires residents to ensure that fences, hedges, bushes, or other plants on their property don't impede traffic visibility at these locations.   Vision triangles are frequently an issue for residents with corner lots.  The diagram below shows hazardous and satisfactory vision triangles.  

Example of Vision Triangles

What Can You Do?

The Village proactively looks for intersections and areas where vision triangles may be a problem and works with residents to address these issues.  To help make sure Village streets are safe, residents are reminded to inspect their property to see if there are any potential hazards that need to be removed from their property.  In addition, residents can report vision triangle problems at the Village's website by clicking on the Report a Concern icon on the main page or by calling Village Hall at 414-351-8811.  It only takes a little time to check on your property and it could help prevent an accident.  

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