August 17 Issue
Road Repaving
Election Results
Crosswalk Safety
Survey Results
Picnic Volunteers
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Recycling Info


We're working to recycle more in 2012.  Let's check our totals: 


8/15/12: 11.5

2012 YTD: 364.59  

2011 YTD: 356.19  

Quote of the Week 

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

-Mark Twain

Road construction, taking longer than expected

As you know, the Village has undertaken the largest road reconstruction project in many years.  As of the end of the day, the first course of asphalt will be laid on all 15 roads being resurfaced.  


Initially, it was anticipated this would be done sooner.  However when the roads were excavated, the contractor ran into several "soft spots".  Firm road base wasn't present, which required additional excavation and installation of new road base.  Significant work needs to take place to ensure when the asphalt is laid that the road will be stable, level, and functional for years to come.  


In the coming week, the second and final lift of asphalt will be laid.  This will take some time to complete but the contractors will work continuously, weather permitting, to complete all 15 roads.  After that is complete, the crews will then come and install the shoulder, level manholes, repair landscape and any other issues that arise.


We certainly understand the desire to get the project done as soon as a possible.  We also realize the need to ensure the long term stability of the investment we are making.   At this time, we anticipate all work on roads being completed by the end of August.  We appreciate homeowner's patience during the process. 


Please continue to follow our website for further construction updates and our Pinterest Page for Construction Pictures.


The Village of Bayside will be honored next Tuesday August 21, as the first community in Milwaukee County to be certified StormReady.  StormReady is a national community preparedness program that uses a grassroots approach to help communities develop plans to handle all types of severe weather.


This event will take place at 1:00pm at Village hall and will be open to the public.

Partisan Primary Election Results

The Preliminary August 14 Partisan Primary Election resultsresults are in.   The results are posted on the Village website  and are tentative as the outstanding ballots have until Friday,  August 17, 2012 at 4:00 pm to be submitted and counted.  The Board of Canvass will reconvene on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 4:00 pm.   

Crosswalk Safety
If you were a child at a crosswalk, how would you want motorists to drive?  Keep this in mind as you drive through crosswalk zones.  The safety of pedestrians, especially at Village crosswalks on Brown Deer Road, is a top priority for the Village.  Now is a good time to go over general crosswalk safety reminders, as the first day of school is fast approaching.    


  • Keep your eyes open for pedestrians walking on interior Village streets.
  • Remember to yield to pedestrians attempting to cross a roadway in a marked crosswalk. 
  • Yield to cyclists as you would to any other vehicle as they must also adhere to the same traffic laws as you do.
  • Be aware of posted speed limit signs within the Village. The speed limit on all interior Village streets is 25 mph. 
  • Don't assume drivers can see you, always walk on the left side of the road or utilize the sidewalk if available. This way motorists will not be approaching you from behind.
  • Make eye contact with drivers if possible.
  • Wear reflective clothing or lights if walking at dusk or night. Drivers cannot avoid what they can't see.
  • Yield to motorists when crossing a street or road without a crosswalk. Always utilize a crosswalk if available.
Survey Says...
The 2012 Community Survey results are in.  Thank you to the nearly  20%  of Bayside households that participated in the survey.  Overall, the survey respondents had a very positive view of the Village and its services.  Visit the Village website for full survey results and analysis.
Volunteers Needed For Upcoming Events

The Village is always looking for residents willing to volunteer their time at Village events like the upcoming Village Picnic on September 8.   Volunteers are needed to help make the following Village events         possible:

  • Village Picnic on September 8
  • Fall Clean-Up Day on October 27  
  • Fright Night on October 28 

We are in particular need of volunteers for the Village Picnic on September 8 that is less than a month away.  If you are willing to help out, please call Village Hall at 414-351-8811.

Webpage of the Week:  Garbage & Recycling

Ever forget when your next recycling collection date is or what you can recycle?  Check out the Village's Garbage and Recycling webpage to find out everything you need to know about the garbage and recycling services.