Store It Away  

While we've seen a little bit of rain over the past week Bayside weather station, the summer total has been well below average.  In fact, the weather station (located on top of Village Hall) indicates that our area has seen just 2.04 inches of rain in all of June and July combined! 


What is one way you can help conserve water, and even keep your plants healthy?  How about a rain barrel?  That's right, when we do get some rain, you can preserve the natural rainwater and save it for watering plants, shrubs and trees - thus saving on your water bill or your well supply. 


A rain barrell connects directly to your home's downspout, and helps prevent impervious surface runoff.  Rain barrells can be purchased at Village Hall for just $45 each, and if you're a Bayside resident - we'll delivery it right to your home! 

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