June 22 Issue
Bayside Wins Award
Power Outage Reporting
Dry Lawns
Firework Regulations
July 15 Clean-Up Day
Community Survey
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Recycling Info


We're working to recycle more in 2012.  Let's check our totals: 


6/20/12: 11.98

2012 YTD: 274.01

2011 YTD: 268.88

Strange Markings on Milwaukee Area Roads

 Have you noticed strange markings on area roads that look like half outlined black squares and  wondered what they are?  These aren't speed censors or new traffic markers.  These markings are part of the LIDAR System.       

This Week in History

 On June 21, 1789, New Hampshire becomes the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, thereby making the document the law of the land.   

July 4 Parade

A great way to celebrate the 4th of July is to participate in the Bayside 4th of July parade.  The parade will begin at 9am, and all are invited to participate. Those interested in walking the parade route should meet in the Bayside Middle School parking lot at 8:45am. Kids are encouraged to decorate their bikes for the parade, and dogs (on a leash) are welcome.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Award

The Village of Bayside, along with the other North Shore Communities that participated in the North Shore Consolidated Dispatch Services Agreement, received the Intergovernmental Cooperation Award at the 2012 Salute to Local Government. 

Bayside and its partnering communities won the award for the all the hard work, dedication, and commitment that made the consolidation of dispatching services a success.  Watch the YouTube video on the Intergovernmental Cooperation Award, which was produced by the Public Policy Forum in conjunction with Milwaukee Public Television.  
When The Power Goes Out

Earlier this week, about 260 homes were affected by a WE Energies power outage.  If you experience a power outage and want to report it, contact WE Energies at 1-800-662-4797 or visit their website

Please do not contact the Village of Bayside or call the police department's non-emergency number, as the Village does not provide electrical utility services and cannot do anything to restore power.  Calls regarding power outages can quickly tie up telephone lines to the Bayside Communications Center, which can affect incoming emergency calls and dispatching services. 
Dealing with the Dry Weather

The hot, dry weather can be tough on your lawn and plants.  With little rain predicted in the upcoming forecast, the tips below can help you take care of and protect your lawn in these conditions. 
  • Heat- and drought-stressed grass will recover if kept healthy and generally maintained.    
  • Give the lawn 1 to 2" of water once a week. As a rule of thumb: Running sprinklers for one hour provides 1 inch of water to the area it covers, two inches in two hours, etc.
  • Be careful not to overwater. Overwatering produces shallow roots, making it more vulnerable to heat or pests.
  • The best time to water is early morning, because less water is lost to evaporation.
  • The worst time to water is in the evening, when too little water is lost to evaporation. Diseases are more likely to develop in a wet lawn.
  • Raise that mower and let grass blades grow to 3" in height. Taller blades have deeper roots. Also, higher blades provide more shade for soil, and shade also has the benefit of stunting the growth of weeds.
  • Maintain the lawn, watching for weeds. Weed growth can increase thanks to the heat. Weeds tend to be more resilient.
Celebrating the 4th of July Responsibly

Independence Day is a time for celebration and summer fun.  Fireworks are commonly associated with 4th of July celebrations; however, the Village would like to remind residents of important Village and State firework regulations.  Village code is more restrictive than State Statute in regards to fireworks.  Below are some important reminders regarding fireworks in the Village.     

  • Village code only allows  "toy pistols, paper caps, sparklers or toy snakes".   
  • State law allows the sale, possession and use, without a permit, of sparklers not exceeding 36 inches in length, stationary cones and fountains, toy snakes, smoke bombs, caps, noisemakers, confetti poppers with less than grain of explosive mixture, and novelty devices that spin or move on the ground. Wis. Stat. 167.10(1).     

Keep these regulations in mind when celebrating our Independence Day and help keep it fun and safe for everyone.  Also, due to the dry weather that we have been experiencing in this area, fireworks can also be a fire hazard.  Fireworks have the potential to ignite dry grass, shrubs, and even structures in these dry conditions. 

It Is Getting Closer
The July 15 Summer Clean-Up day event is less than one month away.  This event is taking place on a Sunday, so please plan accordingly.  The event hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and participants should use the Fairy Chasm yard waste entrance.  Residents are asked to donate to participate for this event.  Please bring 3 non-perishable food items to benefit the Hunger Task Force or bring a monetary donation to benefit the MACC Fund.  

The following items will be collected at the event:
  • Electronics of any kind - If it has batteries or a cord, you can bring it;
  • GoodWill Donations;
  • Recyclables;
  • Documents for shredding (You can bring these to Village Hall beginning July 9); 
  •  Scrap Metal;
  • Batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges;
  • Garbage;  
  • Prescription Drugs - Please drop-off at the Police Department; 
  • New and gently used home improvement supplies for Habitat for Humanity; and 
  • Latex Paint.

Bayside will not be collecting Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) at this event.  MMSD is collecting HHW on Saturday, July 21 at Shorewood High School from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.    


One Week Left To Participate

There is only one week left to take the 2012 Community Survey.  If you haven't already taken it, the survey only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  There are a number of convenient ways to obtain and complete the survey, which are outlined below:

  • Take it online;
  • Download the Community Survey from the Village website, print, fill out, and drop it off at Village Hall;
  • Complete the survey in the June edition of the monthly Village newsletter, Village Scene, and return to Village Hall;  
  • Pick-up and return a hard copy of the survey at Village Hall.

The survey submittal deadline is one week from today, Friday, June 29 at 4:30 pm.  Residents can drop-off a hard copy of the Community Survey after hours by placing it in the night depository box at Village Hall.  After all surveys are received and tabulated, survey results will be made available for review. 

Noteworthy News

WE Energies and AT&T Restoration Work 

WE Energies and AT&T are finalizing some restoration work from their utility pole replacement project.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact Todd Miller of WE Energies at 



Little Free Library 

Have you taken advantage of the Little Free Libraries located at Village Hall and at Ellsworth Park.  The idea is simple:  If you take a book, please replace it with a book you are no longer using.