May 11 Issue
Home Assessments
Cupcake Run
Message from the Kahn Family
Election Results
Historic Photo
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Recycling Info


We're working to recycle more in 2012.  Let's check our totals: 


5/11/12: 11.02

2011 YTD: 188.71 

2012 YTD: 203.48 

Ride for the Arts 



This Week in History 

On May 6, 1937, the German airship Hindenburg, the largest dirigible ever built, explodes as it arrives in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Thirty-six people died in the fiery accident that has since become iconic, in part because of the live radio broadcast of the disaster.

Thought for the Week 

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."


-- Henry David Thoreau  


Assessing the Village
Accurate Appraisals LLC, the Village's assessing firm, will be conducting home assessments in the Village beginning the week of May 21.  The area that will have walk thru inspections this year will be from E. Bay Point, E. Brown Deer, E. Crocker, E. Donges, and E. Fairy Chasm. They will also be inspecting homes involved with building permits, splits and sales. Please note that there may be more home areas selected once they have completed the query for field work.

All the properties selected for inspection will receive a letter from Accurate Appraisal asking them to make an appointment for a specific time for the walk thru.


Hey Cupcake

As a reminder, the Cupcake Run is tomorrow, May 12.  Online registration is now closed, but residents can register tomorrow beginning at 7:30 am at Bayside Middle School, 601 E. Ellsworth Lane.   


The 5K run begins at 9:00 am and the 2 mile walk begins shortly after at 9:05.  Please plan your travel routes accordingly, as some Village streets will be affected by the run.  Proceeds from the event go to benefit our local schools. Click here for more information.   

Thank you Bayside from the Kahn Family 
The Kahn Family of 9141 N. Rexleigh Drive, who experienced a house fire on April 12, contacted the Village to express a heartfelt thank you to all the generous Bayside residents who donated money for them at the April 21 Clean-Up Day event.  The family is simply overwhelmed by the generosity of the community.  Village residents donated $1,148.00 to the Kahn Family. 

This generosity and outpouring of support for a resident in need exemplifies that it is the caring people of Bayside that truly make this a great place to live.  Once again on behalf of the Kahn Family, thank you to all the Bayside residents who gave and kept the Kahn Family in their thoughts.  
Recall Primary Election Results
Bayside had a strong voter turnout of 42.99% of registered voters for the May 8, 2012 Recall Primary Election.  Below is a break down of the results.

Bayside Vote Totals for the Republican Primary for the Office of Governor
  • Scott Walker:  539
  • Arthur Kohl-Riggs:  7
  • Write In:  1results

Bayside Vote Totals for Democratic Primary for the Office of Governor  

  • Tom Barrett:  713
  • Kathleen Falk:  162
  • Doug La Follette:  9
  • Kathleen Vinehout:  8
  • Gladys R Huber:  1
  • Write In:  1 

Bayside Vote Totals Democratic Primary for the Office of Lieutenant Governor

  • Mahlon Mitchell:  364
  • Ira Robins:  231
  • Isaac Weix:  179
  • Write In:  12  

Based upon the statewide election results from the May 8 Recall Primary Election, the following contests will be on the ballot for the June 5, 2012 Recall Election:

Office of Governor 

  • Scott Walker (R-Incumbent)
  • Tom Barrett (D)

Office of Lieutenant Governor  

  • Rebecca Kleefisch (R-Incumbent)
  • Mahlon Mitchell (D)
Bayside of the Past

Go back even further into Bayside history with this aerial photograph (date unknown) showing the old golf course that is now the Broadmoor Subdivision area.  The intersection in the lower left hand corner is now N Regent Road and Fairy Chasm.   



Ordinance of the Week: Maintenance and Repair

Sec. 14-218 (c) - Plantings and Lawns

The owner, occupant or agent of all premises shall maintain trees, shrubs and other plantings as necessary to create a neat and attractive appearance. Yards shall be kept free of noxious weeds as identified in Wis. Stats. 66.96(2). Dead trees, limbs or shrubs shall be removed from the property within the time limits set forth by the village board, unless given an extension by the village manager. Grass shall be cut including the grass in the area between the lot line and the shoulder of every highway, street or road, including private rights-of-way but not interstate highways, abutting such property, as often as may be necessary to maintain a neat and attractive appearance but in no event shall grass or weeds be permitted to grow in excess of five inches in height. The village may cause all weeds and grasses in excess of five inches to be cut down to a reasonable height and removed and any dead or overgrown brush to be removed and the cost of all such cutting and removal charged to the property under Wis. Stats. 66.60(16). The foregoing provisions regarding maintenance of living and removal of dead trees, limbs or shrubs shall not apply to those trees, limbs or shrubs standing in contiguous wooded areas in excess of two acres except to the extent that any such living or dead tree, limb or shrub represents a risk of harm to neighbors, neighboring property, or the public at large.