May 4 Issue
Pedestrian Safety
Time to Vote
Doctors Park
Historic Photo
Yard Waste
No Debris
Ordinance of the Week

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Recycling Info


We're working to recycle more in 2012.  Let's check our totals: 


5/2/12: 11.02

2011 YTD: 188.71

2012 YTD: 192.49

Cupcake Run


Thought for the Week 

"People think that at the top there isn't much room. They tend to think of it as an Everest. My message is that there is tons of room at the top."


-- Margaret Thatcher

Safe Roads For Everyone

May is Pedestrian Safety Month, here are some safety tips for pedestrians:

  • Always walk facing traffic, or on the sidewalk if available;
  • Dress to be seen;
  • Cross only at corners or marked crosswalks;
  • Stop at the curb or the edge of the road;
  • Stop and look left, then right, then left again before you step into the street;
  • If you see a car, wait until it goes by;
  • If a car is parked where you are crossing, make sure there is no driver in the car;
  • Watch for bicycles on both the sidewalks and the roads;
Make It Count

May 8, 2012 is the Primary Recall Election. Of important note is the fact that becasue the May 8 election is a primary recall election and Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lieutenant Governor, does not have any other Republican running against her for the Lieutenant Governor position, therefore her name does not appear on the May 8 ballot. 


Absentee voting ends on May 4 at 5:00 pm.  There is no absentee voting allowed on Monday, May 7.  To date, there have been 97 absentee ballot requests with 59 ballots returned which amounts to approximately a 3% voter turnout as of May 2.  

Pitch In

Led by the efforts of area residents (Doctors Park Friends) and the Milwaukee County Parks Department, many changes are currently underway, including park cleanup, parking lot repaving and more! 


Take time to help in anyway possible to help revitalize Doctor's Park to provide a great place to visit and enjoy the great outdoors!  The next meeting of the Doctors Park Friends will be held on Wednesday, May 23 at the Fox Point Police Department. 


The group is also looking for any historical photos you may have of Doctors Park.  For more information, contact the Friends today.


Back In Time

Step back into Bayside history with this photo of the old PDQ, which once stood where the current Sendiks building is located.  

An Organic Reminder

Don't forget that next week is yard waste pickup throughout the Village.  Check to see when we'll be picking up in your neck of the woods.  Also, crews would like to remind residents to please keep all items in one pile, as it is easier for quick and clean pick up. 


Also, please do your best to put yard waste out to the street only just prior to your pickup.  Similar to garbage or recycling, yard waste sitting out curbside for an extended period of time can be unsightly, and also can cause vehicle and/or pedestrian obstructions. 

Free and Clear

You may have seen Village crews out and about recently clearing street culverts and other stormwater catch basins.  It is important to make sure these areas remain clear to help improve water flow and prevent flooding.  You can help!  Keep the area in and around your driveway culvert clear of leaves and other debris to help insure proper water flow. 


If you notice a significant backup in your area, contact the non-emergency police number (414-351-8800), and we'll help clear the area.  Let's help keep property and lives safe from rushing water.  

Ordinance of the Week: Have A Special Event  

Sec. 18-06. - Special Event Permits

Permit. No person shall participate in, aid, form, or start any parade, athletic event, run, walk or other similar event using village streets without obtaining a permit from the village clerk. The applicant shall pay a permit fee set by the village board from time to time by ordinance or resolution and shall provide written verification of insurance acceptable to the village attorney in form and amount. The village shall be named as an insured on the policy of insurance.


This includes block parties in which residents wish to close the road down for a period of time.  Village crews will provide barricades one day prior to the event, and pick them up the following week.  For more information, contact Village Hall