April 20 Issue
Clean It Up
Yard Waste
Property Maintenance
2012 Community Survey
Dispatch Center Progress
Ordinance of the Week

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This Week in History

 On April 17, 1970, with the world anxiously watching, Apollo 13, a U.S. lunar spacecraft that suffered a severe malfunction on its journey to the moon, safely returns to Earth.

Thought for the Week 

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."  


-- President Kennedy 

Recycling Info


We're working to recycle more in 2012.  Let's check our totals: 


4/20/12: 10.2 

2011 YTD: 166.65

2012 YTD: 167.58

The Wait Is Over

We're just one day away from the first Clean Up Day of the year!  As you are making final plans for the event, please keep these few items and reminders in mind for the event tomorrow:   

  • Residents will enter off Fairy Chasm Road (current yard waste site entrance - ID is required for all participants);
  • Clean Up Day hours are 9am - 3pm;
  • Household Hazardous Waste drop off will be held at Ellsworth Park (beginning @ 9am - first come, first serve);
  • Residents will need a food or monetary donation to participate (proceeds benefit Hunger Task Force & Make-A-Wish Foundation).

The Village will also be collecting donations for the homeowners affected by the recent fire on Rexleigh Drive.  You can also donate at any time at Bayside Village Hall.  See you there!

Yard Waste Checkup

While you're out and about bringing your items to the Village's Clean Up Day, make sure you get all of your yard waste items out to the curb as well.  Beginning on Monday, the Village will again be collecting yard waste throughout the community.


Don't want to wait until your next yard waste collection day?  Stop over at the Village's yard waste drop off site located off of Fairy Chasm Road, which is open 24 hours a day.     

Property Maintenance is in Full Effect

Spring is here, and that means that the Village's property maintenance program is in full effect.  The most frequent complaints the Village receives are;

  • Unkempt lawns
  • Unenclosed storage (trailers, toys, etc)
  • Fences in disrepair
  • Dead trees

Village staff works diligently to make sure all violations are quickly addressed; however we are unable to visit each property consistently.  If you notice an issue in your neighborhood, please use the Report a Concern application on the Village's website.  Have more questions about the property maintenance program?  Check out the Property Maintenance Guide for more information.  


Stay Tuned for the 2012 Community Survey

It has been four years since the last community survey in 2008, and the Village is preparing to release the 2012 Community Survey in June.  The survey helps provide the Village Board and Village staff with your perceptions and opinions about services as well as current and future initiatives     


In June, residents will be able to obtain and complete the survey in the following ways:

  • Fill out the survey in the June Village Scene & return to Village Hall
  • Pick one up at Village Hall
  • Print one off the Village website and return to Village Hall
  • Save paper and take it online - The link will be made available on the Village website

The survey submittal deadline is Friday, June 29 at 4:30 pm.  Please have all hard copies returned to Village Hall by that time.  If you have any questions or would like more information about the survey, please call Village Hall at 414-351-8811.  


Please take some time to complete the survey and help us to continue to make Bayside a great place to live.     


The Final Countdown to Dispatch
We are closing in on the completion of the Bayside Communication Center.  The Villages of Bayside, River Hills, Fox Point, and Brown Deer will be transitioning to the new center in the second week of May, while the southern North Shore communities of Glendale, Whitefish Bay, and Shorewood will switch over in the following weeks.  The North Shore Fire Department will be transitioning their dispatching services over after that.   

Take a look at the progress of the Bayside Communications Center interior and exterior construction progress since the ground breaking ceremony back in November 2011 at the Village's photo gallery.  

Village crews are also in the process of landscaping the area surrounding the addition area.  Crews will be laying grass seeds, constructing berms, and planting trees and shrubs in the coming weeks.

Ordinance of the Week: Noxious Weeds

Sec. 14-218. - Maintenance and repair

(a) Required. Every owner, occupant or agent of property shall maintain the same and keep every building or structure in a reasonable state of repair.


Plantings and lawns. The owner, occupant or agent of all premises shall maintain trees, shrubs and other plantings as necessary to create a neat and attractive appearance. Yards shall be kept free of noxious weeds as identified in Wis. Stats. 66.96(2).