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A Record Breaking Year

2011 will be a memorable year for many reasons, one of which is the record amount of recycling disposed of by Bayside residents.  In 2011, residents recycled over 582 tons.  That's over 35 additional tons (70,000 lbs.) more than in 2010 - an astonishing feat.  Coupled with the a nearly 65 ton decrease in garbage tonnage collected, the Village avoided approximately  100 tons of materials heading into the landfill; a result that is not only environmentally conscious, but also economically friendly - saving approximately $5,000 in landfill fees. 


The hard work doesn't stop here though.  We know we can continue this into 2012, with a goal to finally break 600 tons.  Want to help?  Here's how:

  • When in doubt - Recycle!  Ever wonder if an item should be recycled?  As a general rule of thumb, recycle questionable items.  Even if the item isn't able to be reclaimed, the transfer station is able to sort out a small percentage of mixed garbage. 
  • Consider an extra container.  If you're constantly overflowing with recycling, consider buying an extra container ($50), or asking a neighbor to use their leftover space - don't just throw it in the garbage.
  • Make sure you know what's recyclable.  Check out the list of items that are recyclable - you may be throwing away items that can actually be reused (yogurt lids). Don't fill your recycling bin with items that aren't recyclable (pizza boxes.)

Great job Bayside on a fantastic 2011 - let's keep it up in 2012!  

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