Everything Bayside
Wow - What A Year!

The final numbers are in, and residents should be proud!  Over the three (3) clean up day events in 2011 (April 16, July 24, October 29) the Village collected massive amounts of "stuff".


Items ranged from GoodWill donations, electronic equipment, secure paper shredding, paint and much, scrap metal, prescription drugs, batteries, and much more.  In total, the following items and quantities were collected in the 18 hours during the three cleanup days this year.    


Item Collection


Paper (Pounds)


Computer Equip (Pieces)


GoodWill (Trucks)


GoodWill (Pounds)


Garbage (Pounds)


Recycling (Pounds)


Scrap Metal (Pounds)


Paint (Gallons)


Oil (Gallons)


TV's (Pieces)


Dehumidifiers (Pieces)


Money donated to charity   


Food donations to Hunger Task Force (Pounds)  


Batteries (Car batteries)


Batteries (Pounds)


Prescription Drugs (Pounds)


Propane Tanks



That's right - residents securely shredded and recycled nearly 20,000 lbs of paper, donated an astounding 32,751 lbs of items to GoodWill, properly disposed of 107 lbs of old prescription drugs, recycled over 2,000 pieces of electronic equipment, and so much more!    At the same time, the three events generated over 4,200 pounds of food donations for the Hunger Task Force and nearly $2,700 in donations for Hunger Task Force, Habitat for Humanity, and Breast Cancer Awareness in Southeast Wisconsin.  


The Village strives to properly recycle, reuse and reduce waste when possible.  Resident's participation in the Clean Up Day events have truly paid off, keeping unnecessary items out of landfills and helping those in need.  Not only did you help keep these items out of the landfill, but you helped contain costs as well.  Disposing of these items in landfills would have cost the Village over $4,000.   


Great job Bayside - we'll see you at next year's events.   

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