And the emotional intelligent winners are...

Over the spring and summer, 116 emotionally intelligent sign submissions were evaluated by children at the three local schools, two open houses, a sign design night at local business Art Trooper, two additional community events, and on general display at Village Hall, Facebook and the Village web site.  


2,412 votes were submitted, narrowed to 25, and a judging panel then selected the final twelve (12) winning signs that will be made into street signs and placed in the community.  

Comments & education in the process...

Below is sampling of the comments voters stated in their evaluation of the signs.


The sign is...  

  • Simple but still shows the same message all the signs are trying to give.
  • Really cute and sends a good message.
  • Creative and gets the message across.
  • Simple but makes a great statement.
  • A great statement and it's really intelligent.
  • Cute and it helps me be careful.
  • A good message to drivers and to be soon drivers.
  • Very clever, colorful, and will be readable from the road. 

I like the sign because...  

  • It inspires me.
  • It makes the drivers and everyone think about the sign so they will remember it.
  • It shows the slow down message in a fun way.
  • I really like it because it looks realistic and it just spoke to me.
  • It makes people more alert!
  • To me it makes a bold statement!
  • It's very sweet and honest.
  • Slowing down saves lives
  • It makes a point. Finishing safe is what every person and pedestrian wants.

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Overall, how do you help?

The Emotionally Intelligent Signage program is one component of a multi-faceted approach to slow vehicular traffic on Village streets, enhance driver attentiveness, and ultimately create a safer place for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic. "This type of program is part of a growing trend that plays on people's emotionally intelligent or empathetic component of thinking to help enhance attention to traffic and pedestrian safety. The goal is that this program will increase pedestrian safety not only in Bayside but throughout the area.  This effort is not replace traditional methods for enhancing safety, but to enhance and make people think differently about how they are utilizing a vehicle and the implications it can have," stated Village Manager Andy Pederson. 


"Awesome idea. Instead of making drivers fear police speed traps, this kind of signage reminds them why it's important to drive at a slow speed. More importantly, consider the long term impact this has on the children who are making the signs. In the blink of an eye, they will be behind the wheel and they'll have a better understanding of the 'why' behind posted speed limits,: Stated Eric Chester (June 3- (Daniel Pink Blog).  


What's up next?

In addition to the signs, the Village will be installing wireless LED pedestrian activated signage on Brown Deer Road at both Pelham Parkway and Regent Road crosswalks. The signage will include warning LED signage, pedestrian activated rapid lighting at the crosswalk, all which will communicate wirelessly. The equipment will be installed by Village crews in the coming weeks, prior to School beginning on September 1.  


Raffle to Help

You can help support the new signage by buying raffle tickets for Milwaukee Brewers Autographed Baseballs.  Signed balls include:

  • Rickie Weeks
  • Corey Hart
  • Jonathan Lucroy
  • Casey McGehee
  • and many more! 

Stop into Village Hall today and buy your raffle tickets, 6 for $5.  Winners will be announced on Monday, October 31.

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