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In January, the Village presented the following challenge: as a community, recycle 650 tons in 2011, 100 tons more than in 2010.  


At the half way point as of June 30, Bayside has recycled 275.93 tons of material.  While that amount is great, we are 49.07 tons short of our mid-year goal of 325 tons.  In order to reach our 650 ton goal,

  • each household needs to recycle 800 pounds of material, which is equal to 321 pounds per person. 

In addition to helping preserve our environment, recycling saves taxpayers money. On average, it costs the Village nearly $50 per ton to dispose of garbage at the landfill.   Recyclable materials are commodities that in return reduces fees or even generate revenue to offset garbage tipping fees.  

If we recycle 650 tons in 2011, the Village would save over $30,000 in tipping fees, or over $19 per household. 


Many of the items you throw into your garbage can actually be recycled.  For more information about residential recycling, visit the WI DNR website or the Village web site.  Do your part to help the Village reach our goal!

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Week of 7/1/11: 11.06

YTD Total: 275.93

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