May 13 Issue
Yard Waste Collections
Community Watch Program
Be Visible, Be Safe
Park Pavilion Available
May Service Anniversaries
Voter Registration Suspensions

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Tip of the Week

The Police Department would like to remind residents and visitors that according to Village Code, parking on Village streets is prohibited at all times.  If you are going to be hosting a party or gathering at your home, please contact the Police Department for approval.

Destination 650 

This Week's Total: 11.69

YTD Total: 200.40


Thought for the Week 

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight; and never stop fighting"


-E.E. Cummings

Yard Waste Collection Continues
Next week, Village crews will continue with yard waste collection. Please have your yard waste out to your curb by 7 am on your scheduled collection day to ensure proper collection. 

To view the complete yard waste schedule and map, visit the Village's website.  If you are unable to gather your yard waste by your scheduled collection date, you can drop it off at the yard waste drop off center located just north of Village Hall off of Fairy Chasm Road.
Top 5 Reasons to join the Neighborhood Watch

On May 24, the Police Department will be hosting an organizational meeting for the Bayside Neighborhood Watch Program.  The Village would like to encourage all residents to participate.  Here are a few great reasons for everybody to participate:

  1. Help deter crime in your neighborhood;
    • By having members keep an open eye on the activities happening in their neighborhood, collectively the Neighborhood Watch Program can work to deter and reduce crime in the Village.
  2. Improved communications and partnerships between residents and the Police Department;
    • Members of the community watch will have the opportunity to have open, honest, and friendly communication with the Police Department. Residents will be able to aid and assist Officers in identifying potential risk areas.
  3. More secure and prepared neighborhood;
    • Feel more secure in your home, and more prepared to deal with instances of crime.
  4. Get to know your neighbors and Police Officers;
    • Regular meetings will be held to proactively address issues that may arise.  Joining the Neighborhood Watch Program will also give you an opportunity to meet and interact with your neighbors.
  5. It's Fun!
    • Taking an active role in your community is a great way to have fun! 

If you would like more information on the Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact Officer Ryan Bowe.

Be Visible, Be Safe
Please take a few moments to make sure that your home or business address is clearly visible from the roadway.  Put yourself in the place of emergency response personnel, safely step out onto the curb in front of your home or business.  Is your address marker clearly visible?  If not, it may affect the time it takes emergency personnel to locate your home or business in the event of an emergency.  Time is a critical factor when responding to an emergency situation.  The more clearly crews are able to identify your home or business address, the more quickly they will be able to arrive at your location and administer live-saving procedures.
Ellsworth Park Pavilion Available To Rent

Planning a summer party and want to rent the newly renovated Ellsworth Park Pavilion?  Dates are filling up quickly, so book your date soon!  The cost to rent the pavilion is $70 ($35 rental fee and $35 refundable deposit).  Contact Village Hall for availability.

May Service Anniversaries

The Village would like to recognize staff celebrating service anniversaries during the month of May.  Thank you for your years of dedicated service to the Village and it's residents.

  • Captain Scott McConnell - 25 years
  • Dispatcher Rachelle Naab - 11 years


Voter Registration Suspensions
On April 29, the Government Accountability Board sent notices of suspension of voter registration to voters who have not voted in the past four years.  Should you or a family member receive one of these notices and wish to remain a registered voter in the Village of Bayside please sign the form and mail it back to Village Hall.